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In this blog I'll talk about various miniature games. Custom miniatures and minor conversions are my favorite pastime. I'll cover scenery making and painting too. The WIP you'll see here is all about Necromunda, Epic 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition, Warmaster and Warhammer 40K 3rd Edition.
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Warmaster BattleReport - The Battle Of Grim-On-Sour

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In this blogpost you'll find a Warmaster battle report. Yes, it's not a typo, it's not a Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles (5th Edition) game that you see in the pictures.

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Quite some time ago I made a simple conversion of the WM rules so that they would work with 28mm (hero scale) miniatures too. Why, you'd ask? Well, ever since my first Games Workshop Ltd. boardgame (HeroQuest) I have been collecting 28mm Old World miniatures. Also, almost all of my scenery is 28mm scale. I love the toys but the game takes too much time. Warhammer is a detailed tabletop wargame, where Warmaster gives up on detail but simulates the battle very well. AND is situated in GW's Old World. My favorite setting.

( My low impact conversion from WHFB to WM is in blogpost 38814. )

Scouts reported a large Beastmen army making way to the Bretonnian village Grimeaux-en-Seour. Traders in the village have good a relationship with the nearby Dwarf kingdom. A defense is organized, determined to hold and end the Beastmen invasion nearby the river La Seour.

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The Dwarfs

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For this 1400 points battle I used a scenario from the rulebook, page 82: The Battle Of Grim-On-Sour. I wanted some objectives to fight for and I really liked the simple but effective special rule for the river scenery. The objective in this game was for the Beastmen to set on fire as many buildings as they could. This would give them many extra victory points. The defenders had to prevent any building in the main village to catch fire. I placed two towers and one farm outside the main village, and 6 buildings in the main village. It sure looked sour for the defenders of Grimeaux-en-Seour...

Round 1:
Filthy Chaos Hounds were released as a first wave. The dangerous beasts crossed the bridge closest to the village. The nearby Bretonnian Grail Knights and Knights of the Realms reacted immediatelly and charged the trespassers. Hooves and lances killed all of the foul animals, but two Knights were dead... (Equals one WM stand.)

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Charging Knights roll a lot of dice!

On the other bridge over the river La Seour another combat started. A Beastman Charriot raced over the bridge. Battle-frenzied Trollslayers ran towards the incomming danger plotting to stop and destroy the Charriot before it set foot on their side of the river. They managed to inflict serious damage but were eventually overun. (One WM Charriot stand was destroyed. Represented by 3 hit points behind the miniature.)

From gallery of toco
Clash at the far Bridge

Round 2:
Some chaos in the Chaos ranks stalled the units commanded by a nearby Bray Shaman. (Failed command roll...) But orders from the Beastlord general managed to manoeuver the horde. A Bestigor brigade took the furthest bridge and Minotaurs claimed the bridge nearby.
These manoeuvers insitgated an immediate response by the Grail Knights which totally destroyed the Minotaurs, but this unfortunate clash ended in a suicide for those brave Bretonnians... The bridge was cleared at a high cost.

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The White Dwarf, known from famous fights at Karak Varn, assisted by the mighty Dwarf General, charged the Bestigor brigade. With succes! After three rounds of battle the foul Beastmen brigade was destroyed. Second bridge secured!

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Battle Queue

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The Dwarfs are quite busy...

To the White Dwarf's left flank another Dwarf regiment was charged by Minotaurs who recently crossed the river. The Minotaurs scored 13 hits, of which 9 were unsaved... One Mino died in return.

Round 3:
The Chaos Thugs (which count as Herdkin) that crossed the river in the earlier round fired their Arrow to great effect onto the Dwarf Cannon crew. One Cannon and its crew took enough hits to be out of action.
In the valley in front of the Cannons the Dwarf regiments suspected a new charge of the Beastmen Charriot and they succesfully fell back to safety.
The White Dwarf's regiment gloriously advanced to the bridge but was flanked and wiped out by the Charriot charge. (I'm sure the White Dwarf secretly escaped unharmed to perform new heroic quests...)
The remaining Dwarf regiments charged and pushed back the Beastherd into the river.

From gallery of toco
One bridge secured

Round 4:
A brave Bray Shaman joined the Chaos Thug regiment and performed a suicide charge on the Dwarfs. The Shaman had not been quite usefull in casting magic spells, issuing command and now he also fails in battle...

From gallery of toco
Defend the village!

From gallery of toco
Stop that charriot!

The vicious struggle for control of the bridge nearby the village continues when another Beastmen Charriot charges and wipes out a regiment of Bretonnian Knights of the Realm. (One of three Charriot stands is lost in doing so.)
The Dwarfs are confused by al the skirmishes and fail their command phase.
High above the battlefield the Bretonnian general follows the flow of the battle. Seeing the confusion of the dwarf army and the deadly loss of the first bridge he makes a valliant decision: the Pegasus swoops down and joins battle with another regiment of Knights. They charge the Charriots, who are joined by their Centigor hero. The Bretonnian defenders rip through the Charriots and kill their Centigor leader.

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"Give them not an inch! Chargez!"

Round 5:
The Beastlord was pretty sure of his victory when he initially decided to lay waste to this petty Bretonnian village. But now seeing all his beastly followers falling to the swords and hammers of both humans and Dwarfs, he's not so sure anymore.
But at the far side of the battle his eyes catch a glimpse of the invigorating color of flames. A farm is on fire! Two Minotaur are wrecking the farm and outhouses.

From gallery of toco
Burn that down!

The Beastlord orders Goristro, his Shaggoth stronghand to take the second bridge. The general himself charges to the other bridge together with a Beastherd brigade.
The final battle between both Bretonnian and Beastmen generals begins. The dice gods really favoured the human forces here... Bretonnian Knights score 7 hits, where the Beastmen score 0. The Beastmen are pushed back 2cm. Followed by another 2 hits by the Knights. The Beastlord is killed.

From gallery of toco
The evil general is dead. The village is safe!

- when I set up this battle I really thought Beastmen would win. It seemed impossible to protect all houses. But rolling a six to light fires is quite rare. And reaching the village seemed more difficult than anticipated.
- The dice gods really favoured Dwarfs and humans in this game. But not in such a way that it damaged the fun of the story. The battle felt tense.
- I made an error in linking my miniature to the rights stats. Early game I used the stats for a Beastherd instead of Bestigors. A mayor mistake that favoured the Dwarfs. That's why in the final battle, when the Beastlord fought side by side with his Beastherd brigade, I used Bestigor stats! But not even that could help them...
- Not much rules questions arose from this battle, except for a question I apparently had in earlier games too: a unit supported by another units, loses this support when one rank is killed because you remove stands from the back of the unit. This is a little bit odd, but it's the official rule.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and report. Please try playing Warmaster with 28mm miniatures yourself. It's all official GW, it's the Old World and it's fast. Awesome! thumbsup
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