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Trying something new - The Great and Terrible Games Give Away of 2020

I bought another game the other day. Fine. Fine. Whatever. It's not a problem. Really, it's not. Except it kinda is. I know that I don't need any more games. I have already spent too much on games this year with very little to show for it. Probably my best gaming purchase of the year was not a game, but the card table that I'm sitting at right now while typing this.

Last week, I did another big trade. I'm pretty happy with the result. I'll keep trading a few times a year.

From gallery of trawlerman

I'm sure that Paths of Glory, Sekigahara, and Lincoln are all good games, worthy of time and attention. They're just not right for me at this moment in my life.

Onitama is a game that I tried to like, but just couldn't do it. Some card combination of powers were more interesting than others. Some just led to cautious and circular play that made the game drag out. I did slightly prefer the game the time that I played with the wind expansion with a friend.

I played Hunt for the Ring once with my oldest daughter because she's a LotR fan. She liked it more than me. The 1 play was enough for me. It's a neat cat and mouse hidden movement game. Just not my thing. I offered it to my daughter for her to keep as hers, but she ultimately didn't like it enough to care to keep it. She has played very heavy Euro games and can play anything, but when she is playing with her friends, she tends to default to social stuff. She's a mean Werewolf moderator!

Rheinlander was good, but uninspiring. I'd rather play something else.

The games I got in exchange?

A few more Knizias. A few Kanais (yes, that's three copies of Braverats). The meatier games are LYNGK, Ethnos, and Monolith Arena, three games that I have wanted to try since each were released. I've never played Neuroshima Hex, so Monolith Arena sorta counts as that for me as well.

As evidenced by my parting with a few war games, I'm going to try to start being more ruthless in culling the games that are not getting played, that have been sitting on the shelf entirely unplayed for longer than a year. If I couldn't find the time to play them already, it's not likely that I'll make time to play them in the next year or into the future. Certain games that I have played are grandfathered into the collection even though I haven't played them in many years. Yes, I can see Unhappy King Charles on the shelf as I type this.

Trades are still good.

But I've also got games and game-related stuff that are not really trade material, but I still no longer feel the need to hold onto. So, I'm getting rid of them. By giving them to you!

Here are the rules for The Great and terrible Games Give Away of 2020.

I'll name a game in a blog post. I'll tag the game in the post. You'll see the post.

If you want the game, leave a comment below stating that you want the game. By leaving a comment that you want the game/item, you are pledging that you will play that game sometime within the next year. If you fail that pledge, you must pass the game on. Honor system. I'd love to have people come back to this blog and leave comments about the game played, but that is also completely unneccessary.

One week after the post, I'll randomly choose a person to give the game to by rolling a die.

The person who wins the game agrees to pay shipping. This helps me from losing lots of money in being too stupidly generous. It also allows me to ship games internationally without being afraid of those shipping costs. If you're willing to pay for international shipping, I'm willing to otherwise send the game to you for free.

After I choose the winner out of any comments, I'll send a geekmail to get a shipping address. Once I've shipped the game, I'll send another geekmail with my paypal info so that the new game owner can pay whatever the actual shipping costs were.

If no one leaves a comment wanting the game, then I'll just throw it in a box for the thrift store. No "backsies" for me. Once I say I'm going to get rid of a game like this, it's gone.

That's it, I guess.

Let's start today.

Today, I'm giving away two game-related books.
From gallery of trawlerman

The Ricky Jay book is used and has been read a couple of times by me. I bought it new, so it's almost embarrassing how beat up it is now. It's still in good shape. It's just not in great shape. The Knizia book, on the other hand, is still in Very Good to Like New condition. I browsed and skim read passages, but mostly it has been safe on a shelf since I bought it.

These books are yours if you want them. Follow the rules above. Leave a comment. Agree to pay shipping. I'll randomly select someone in a week.
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