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The 2020 People’s Choice Top 200 Solo Games No Prize Contest

Morten Monrad Pedersen
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Here we are again, my dear friends, at the beginning of the solo event of the year, the People’s Choice Top 200 solo games.

As always, I’ll host a contest, where the winner gets to go home with the world famous No Prize™ award. Also as always, it can be picked up at my house somewhere in Europe on the 42nd of Febtember in the Year of the Penguin.

External image

Photo of the world famous No Prize™ award on display.

After the debacle of the 2018 No Prize Contest, I’ll go with the simple format of the 2019 contest with a series of hopefully easy to understand yes-no questions. Unless you take this contest more seriously than intended, you don’t need to spend much time.

To participate follow this link and answer the questions. You’ll hopefully receive an automated email with your answers for use when scoring, but if you don’t want to share your email address, just enter a nonsense address and note down your answers.

In case you want to get serious about winning the contest you can consult last year’s list when answering the questions: 2019 PC Top 100.

If you have 0 VP after rank #101 has been revealed, you can score 1 VP by posting an ode to platypuses (platypi?) in the comment section.

I won’t be doing the scoring for all of you. Instead, you have to report your VPs in the comment section below this post as you gain them. I’ll keep a ranked list up to date. Doing it this way gives more opportunities for banter and interaction.

Please, please, pretty please with cherries on top, report your total score instead of only the VP gained since last time and use a new comment each time instead of updating a previous comment (I get notifications about new comments, but not about updates to existing ones).

External image

Cherry on top.

The winner is the participant who has:
1) the most VP after all 200 games have been revealed AND
2) reported their score at least once before rank #10 of the Top 200 has been revealed AND
3) submitted their answers before rank #200 has been revealed.

In case of ties the winner is the one who registered an account on BGG first. For the rule lawyers I’ll clarify that the tiebreaker is only used among those who tied for most points.

Only scores posted before 120 hours (5 days) have passed since rank #1 was revealed are valid.

Have fun and may you lose spectacularly!

It seems that I haven't made it clear enough that you should enter you answers on a form instead of sending them to me, so let me highlight it here. Please input your answers on this form:

6 mikolajl

5 itazzy
5 Jy0831
5 willshaw67

4 adamdi5
4 Geroid
4 mattwood1221

3 Automa
3 bikefreak
3 chuchanas
3 Dmesserly
3 josseroo
3 jwml
3 Lumpy75
3 mortenmdk

2 Albia
2 athletics616
2 Carmilla
2 Cayca
2 Fregonar
2 myw85
2 Rixte
2 settlerdave
2 Tarai

1 chaoticsynergy
1 chimpy21
1 flaeryn
1 game green
1 HRune
1 talzaroff
1 jgatkinsn
1 Qwirk
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