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About my work in these days of the lockdown.
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Hello from quarantine

Friedemann Friese
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I should post again. We are in quarantine with the family right now. On September 10th we had contact to a COVID-19 positive person. By now our tests are not here. We do not know if we are ill or not, but we are not allowed to leave our house until september 24th.

There were so many things I wanted to post, but to be in the house with the two kids, there were other things to do.

We managed to play Andor completely (including 1 print and play legend).

What happened to Faiyum was really interesting. I announced some information here. Henning put the file to BGG. and woosh the game went to Top 1 in Hotness. Sadly this never happened to Feierabend.

It is quite easy to see. Feierabend is a game developed around the theme of after work. The mechanisms are straightforward to focus on the theme best. The reviewers all agree it is a game very easy to teach because everything make perfectly sense theme wise, but.....

It seems not the right game for the geeks here.

Faiyum uses a mechanism from Power Grid, has a new mechanism for Deck-Building, the theme is well know ancient egypt (not distracting from the mechanisms), reminds of Concordia, Roads and Boats. This is the right stuff for this crowd here and boom up to Nr. 1 spot in Hotness.

I still think both games are good games, but I beforehand I was sure, Faiyum is more for the gamers and in the actual situation it is the better product because it addresses the hobby gamers. And these gamers are still buying their games (as I do). Feierabend will be working well in the FLGS with people not playing so many games. It is casual fun with friends, but not a game a gamer is running for.

Sometimes people asking me why I do not stay with the success from Power Grid an develop other strategic business games, because the people like them and I will have much more economic success than I have now. But it would bore me to death to do so. To be honest: I do have enough money to feed the family and all normal needs. I don't need much more money. I want to experiment with games.

On the other hand I would not have ever designed Friday (a huge success as well), Fabled Fruit, fast forward games.... Ok Futuropia was fun the design but not a good idea to publish, but this is ok, because I can do what I like to do. Now it seems I could have a new success with Faiyum. People are highly interested. That is by now the most important information. When the game comes out there will have enough people looking at it.

I still want to publish my train transport game next. And I just working on a betting racing game, with a very simple but intriguing mechanism. (One mechanism = one game) style.

For spiel digital we are working to have out new games playable online. Looks like we will manage to do so.

By now I have to go back to the family, because quarantine is also a very interesting social experiment. In the start of the lockdown, we agreed to have contact to our friends living here in the same house, but now we are only 4 and now shopping (food is delivered), no stays in the garden (because the garden is not at the house).
This is much harder, but next friday we can hopefully go outside again...

Today I'm waiting for to game deliveries: New games, puzzle, escape book for kids,...

Tomorrow there will be the third one....
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