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Elemental Clash with Andi

A place where friends and I will post regular articles about designing and playing Elemental Clash.
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EC: Spellcasters

Andreas Propst
upper austria
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In Elemental Clash: Tribes I will introduce an exciting new variant to play Elemental Clash in the form of a Mini-Expansion called "Spellcasters".

The Mini-Expansion will consist of 10 different, unique Spellcaster cards. Here is how the "Spellcasters" variant works:

The idea is that each payer picks one of the Spellcasters and builds a deck around him or her. Think of the Spellcaster as your "Avatar" in the game. The Spellcaster is not shuffled in with the cards of the Spellbook but placed in front of you. You start the game with him or her in play and there is (at least not yet) no way of getting rid of a Spellcaster during the game. He or she remains in play for the whole game.

All Spellcasters have a number of stats as well as original and unique abilities. But let me show you a picture to illustrate before I explain how a Spellcaster works:


Each Spellcaster has three stats:

Hand Size:

This is the number of cards you draw at the beginning of the game as well as the number of cards you have to discard down to at the end of your turn.


The number of cards you draw during each of your Draw-Phases.


The number of cards you may have in your Spellbook. The Spellcaster card itself is separate and does not count towards this limit.

Besides these three stats, each Spellcaster has two abilities:

Static Ability:

This ability applies from the very start of the game and is in effect for as long as the Spellcaster is face-up.

Flip Ability:

A powerful "one-shot" ability that can be activated during your Main-Phase (whenever you could summon a Creature or cast a Normal-Spell) by flipping the Sorcerer card face-down. You can use the Flip-Ability once per game and only when your Spellcaster is still face-up. Activating the Flip-Ability by flipping the Spellcaster upside-down shuts down the Static Ability for the remainder of the game. There are (at least for the time being) no ways to flip a face-down Spellcaster face-up. So you are facing a tough decision when and how to use the Flip Ability, thus permanently losing the effects of the Static Ability.


So you may agree with me that "Spellcaster Elemental Clash" (being only an optional variant of play) has the potential to add a lot of strategic depth to the game. Building your deck around one of the 10 different Spellcasters, each with unique and original stats and abilities, choosing the right cards and planning the right strategy will be challenging and fun. If we take Xyric from above, you could include lots of cheap Creatures in your Spellbook to maximize the ATK bonus. With a Draw of 3 you would burn through your cards fast so you might want to have cards that let you replenish your Spellbook. Also with a Hand Size of just 5 you will often be forced to discard hand cards at end of turn, so why not run some cards with Salvage (which can be played for free if discarded from your hand)? Lastly Xyric's Flip Ability begs for a "toolbox" of "silver bullet" cards - if you pardon the M:tG lingo - that is a variety of one-of cards that you can search your Spellbook for when needed...

Well 'nough said. I am very much looking forward to present you more Spellcaster card previews as the artwork will be coming in. What I m less thrilled about: Playtesting and balancing all 10 Spellcasters will be quite a challenge. Fortunately I have ample time and a bunch of competent playtesters who will assist me. If you want to be one of them, do not hesitate and contact me!

Sincerely yours,

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