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New to me Sep 2020

Martin G
United Kingdom
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Village Green - 10 plays -  7 
First Published 2020
Board Game: Village Green

I picked this up on a whim as it's by Peer Sylvester and very cheap. Solo it's a little reminiscent of Sprawlopolis in speed and objective - building a spatial tableau from a hand of cards to satisfy various scoring rules. The big differences are twofold: the restrictions on spatial placement are much more stringent which makes it quite brain-burny, and you can change your scoring goals on the fly rather than having them set at the beginning. It makes for a neat 10-minute puzzle with a gentle theme and pleasant artwork.

My wife saw me playing solo and said it looked pretty, then *asked* to play on two different nights. Unprecedented! As you might expect from the description above, it's not massively interactive as a multiplayer - just a bit of hate drafting if you can be bothered. That's perfect for Sarah though, she enjoys working her own puzzle (and I enjoy doing it alongside her!)

The Fox in the Forest Duet - 1 play -  7 
First Published 2020
Board Game: The Fox in the Forest Duet

This is nowhere near as interesting a co-op trick-taker as The Crew but it does a nice job of converting the feel of the original's special-powers into a co-op form. The basic idea is that a counter will move along a path towards the winner of each trick, with the number of spaces moved determined by the two cards played. You want to visit a number of specific locations while not venturing off the end of the track, so some co-ordination and judicious use of the powers is required.

Cathedral - 1 play -  6 
First Published 1978
Board Game: Cathedral

I'd never played this 70s abstract polyomino-game but it was quite pleasant, with some ideas seen earlier in Go and later in Blokus. The chunky wooden buildings are a big part of the charm though.

FlickFleet - 1 play -  6 
First Published 2018
Board Game: FlickFleet

A space battle dexterity game in which you flick plastic ships into position to fire missile dice at your opponent's fleet. Good fun and comes with a bunch of varied scenarios - clearly a labour of love.

RevoltaaA - 1 play -  6 
First Published 2015
Board Game: RevoltaaA

A Knizia card game I implemented on playingcards.io to give a try. The gameplay was as puzzling as the ducks v robots theme but I think there might be something there.

Upset Kakumei - 1 play -  6 
First Published 2020
Board Game: Upset Kakumei

535 - 2 plays -  6 
First Published 2020
Board Game: 535

A couple of recent Japanese climbing games Hanibal introduced me too on pc.io. 535 lets you add cards to other player's sets rummy-style as an alternative to beating them with a higher combo; while Upset Kakumei lets you reverse the direction so you can climb back down after climbing up. There are so many of these things now that I'm starting to get desensitised...

Kluster - 3 plays -  5 
First Published 2018
Board Game: Kluster

A bunch of strong magnets which you take turns to place inside a stringed-off area without attracting any others. Unfortunately you don't seem to be able to do anything cool with the magnetic properties; the only thing the magnetism does is make you lose.

Lucky Numbers - 2 plays -  5 
First Published 2012
Board Game: Lucky Numbers

An old Schacht game that's new to BoardGameArena. A bit Lost Cities-ish but not nearly as good.


I also played a couple of unpublished prototypes: Hanibal's nice climbing game mash-up; and the forthcoming trick-taker from the La Mame Games crew, of which more later!
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