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Solo Games I'm looking forward to

In honor of the 1PG People's Choice Top Solo Games 2020 running now, I am going to do my annual blog posts on this subject. I always mean to post here more but for some reason, I only get energized enough to do it when I am thinking about my own Top 20 list. I am going to break it up into a couple posts this time, beginning with:

Solo games I'm looking forward to

So I have a very long wishlist, but these are the newer games that I would really like to add to my collection in the near future. They are mostly heavy games, so yeah, as my parents used to say, my eyes are bigger than my stomach, but I just love diving into a big meaty game, particularly these days a worker placement one.

+ Kanban EV - I love Vital Lacerda's games. I already own CO2, Vinhos and The Gallerist and enjoy them a lot. Still don't have any of his newer games, probably because of the price tag as much as anything. But I really enjoy playing the original Kanban online and have been keeping my eye on this new one, with an official solo mode by David Turczi, who I love (you'll be seeing more from him!). Still super expensive, but Eagle-Gryphon usually have a Christmas sale (which is where I got both *Vinhos* and *Gallerist*), so maybe I'll treat myself then.

+ Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun
+ Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula - what can I say, I also love Daniele Tascini! I own both Voyages of Marco Polo and Teotihuacan and love them, although only Teo has a solo mode (pretty solid Turczi effort). I have played Tzolk'in online a few times and really like it and would love to add that one. But both of these have Turczi solo modes, which gets me even excited. And I got the Trismegistus promo tile in my Teotihuacan: Shadow of Xitle expansion, which was the first I had heard of it. Both look great.

+ For What Remains - just heard of this apocalyptic future tactical game, by the designer of Pavlov's House, which I have enjoyed online as well. Looks like a pretty straight forward interesting series, even if a tad expensive (US$60 per game). I like tactical games but feel overwhelmed by them sometimes. This looks doable.

+ Cooper Island - looks like an intricate worker placement with some interesting mechanics, ie, right in my wheelhouse. And the newest edition includes the solitaire expansion, Solo Against Cooper, so yes!

+ Circadians: First Light - this one has generated a lot of buzz in the 1PG recently, especially since 3 Minute Boardgames did his review. Again, an intricate worker placement with some interesting additional mechanics.

+ Paladins of the West Kingdom - time for me to get aboard the West Kingdom games from Garphill (who also do the above Circadians). Very highly regarded series. I think this is the one I want, but if someone gave me (or I found a good sale on) Architects or Viscounts, I'd take one of those too.

+ Far Away - finally a cool space exploration game with a great sense of humor. Can't wait to try this!

So yeah, just what I need is more games, but a boy can dream, can't he?

Future posts will be games that dropped out of my Top 20, games that almost made my Top 20 and, of course, the much anticipated Top 20!

Check out my geeklist for more complete discussions of all my solo games. I'll be updating that soon with my 2020 list and comments:

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