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My wife and I love to play games together. Join us for the journey!
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Board Game: Lascaux

We only have a small hand full of games that require at least three players to play. If a game does not play with just two then we have to really like it in order to get it since we will not get to play it often. We got Lascaux in 2011 at Gen Con. My wife played the game while completing in the Mayfair ribbon hunt. We used the first 50% off coupon to get British Rails. By Sunday morning, we were only one ore ribbon away from me having a complete set as well. The first thing I did Sunday morning was play a game to get the ore. While I had not played it yet, my wife requested that I use the coupon to get this game. So was this a good use of the coupon on?

Game Overview
Lascaux is a bidding game, where players use stones to collect cave art. In Lascaux there are six different cave paintings (with nine copies each). Each gave painting will have two different colors on it (out of six possible colors).

Each round a number of painting cards are set out in the middle of the table. At the beginning of the round, each player will pick which color of cards they want. Even though each card has two colors on it, a player can get the card as long as the color they pick is represented. Each player begins with 12 stones. On their turn, a player need to choose to add a stone to the middle or pass. If they add a stone to the middle, then it moves on to the next player to make the same choice. If they pass, then they take all stones in the middle and add their secret color choice to a stack. Then play continues. Eventually all players will pass but one. This player gets to add their chosen color to the top of the stack. Then starting with the top of the stack, that player gets all cards that has their chosen color. The stack is revealed one at a time, and if there are any cards of left of the chosen color then that player gets those cards. Cards are then put out for the next round and play continues in this matter until all cards have been used.

At the end of the game players compare who has the most of each animal type. Whoever has the most will score one point for each card they have of that type. Left over bidding stones are also worth points: six stones equals one point. The player with the most points wins.

The Game We Played
We played a three player game. I tended to pass early if the cards had a lot of variety, but then I bid big when a lot of one color came up. My wife pushed her luck a little to much, hoping to bleed stones out of people before she passed and took the maximum amount. Even though I knew I would be giving up a couple of cards I really wanted, I called her on this once and passed before she could. This meant I took all of the stones she was banking on and left her with one. My wife's mom tended to play it safe, and backing out before the pot got to high to risk going in to much. In the end passing early when there were small card lots and going big for bigger card lots paid off. I won with 19 points and my wife and her mom both had 10 points.

Our Thoughts
My Rating: 4 (like it)
My Thoughts: I really like the dynamic of playing this game. There is a lot of trying to get inside the head of the opponents. First, there is guessing what color they may have picked, then this game has a lot to do with bluffing. The ideal is to get players to stay in one round longer than they might want to, because they think it will be making it back around to them. Often every turn is an interesting decision in value management. This game plays fairly quickly but still delivers a compelling game experience.

Her Rating: 4 (like it)
Her Thoughts: I find this game a lot of fun to play. I like figuring out what color to go for each round, and I find it a fun challenge to balance the need to get back stones or get the cards I really want.

Combined Rating: 8
While we have played some decent games in the past few weeks, we had hit a drought in finding games that make our favorite game list. We do play three player bidding games often, but when we do we choose Lascaux.
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