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Beyond the Sun, Anachrony and more...(11/16/2020 - 11/22/2020)

Scott Ferrier
United States
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Saturday - Some Porch in Salem

Beyond the Sun
Board Game: Beyond the Sun
(Craig, Derek and Scott) (3P) - I heard Tech Tree and such a wide variety of my friends liked it a lot so I had high expectations and it blew them all away. Very elegant design and easy to understand rules, we only got 1 wrong but that's on us but more on that later. Start with 2 population (die turned to person pic) and some ore and develop tech by place guy on the tech (it's his life, he is never coming back) so as you make ships (another side of the die) you allocate them to the board and you need more but all the cool thing usually cost ore. The game consist of doing something neato followed by run your engine (people, ore or convert stuff at an unfavorable rate but multiple times). The tech is from a deck of cards for each level so it's very different each game.

We played with the asynchronous advanced side as I thought it would show different strategies. I was getting extra stuff when I developed lvl 2 & 3 tech. Craig was a bit war like and kicking us out of areas and Derek was going right after me and kicking me out of everywhere grr. I colonized 3 or 4 planets by the end and Craig got Warlord bonus points but I got lvl 4 tech for some solid extra points. It came down to a tie with Craig winning the first tiebreaker so I sort of lost but then after watching Heavy Cardboards playthrough on Youtube I saw we forgot to leave our discs on the planets and fill any empty ones so it messed up our score and would have probably changed how we played it but so glad we did. Can't wait to play it again so fun! FYI your talking to KC-24X, the first android governor of the galaxy!
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Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers
Board Game: Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers
(3P) - Derek loves Rajas of the Ganges so we had to play this as he has troubles getting the regular game to the table. This actually captured the spirit of the game and I could feel it while I was making my choices. It starts out pretty quick but then you hit some speed bumps when it starts a chain reaction on someone's sheet and you have to sit there for a few minutes while they figure it out. Love the little karma dice elephant mini.

I got a few good chains going and lots of goods that the others sort of ignored so I was "don't mind if I do!" Derek was bragging about his progress and I was like "that's nice but I'm ahead of you" mwa ha ha. It was close but I was able to just outscore and take the last green die so he couldn't do his big action for the win. Goooo Scott!!!
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Board Game: Anachrony
(Craig, Derek and Scott) (3P) - Derek always wants to play this and I actually like this so Craig was willing and we finally got it back to the table. Derek and I both have painted sets but Derek has better little bits. It's a Turczi design but not as complicated as he usually makes it. Once you take a turn it's easier than it looks, lots of stuff and my favorite giant mechs your cardboard worker drives around. Totally unnecessary but I think I rank it a full point higher then I normally would because I enjoy it so much. I was green naturalist that had a commander that could move someone to a station which was very handy. I started out all mean kicking my workers awake but got them so mad that if I did it again someone was going to die so I got some extra water and gave them all hot showers and they started liking me again. My only super building would let me kill a worker and use their great super building but they all sucked so it was just VPs. I kept buying high VP buildings and time traveled a lot. In the end, even with -3vp, when I left they still loved me for the win What a day. Definitely play before you buy title as it's not for everyone. But if you like time travel and mechs this might be your game. Oh and don't play with time, poor Derek lost a lot of good workers and VPs pretending to be Bill & Ted.
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Christmas selfie wall, different kind of year

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