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After following Bobby Warren's (Bobby4th) blog of his game recaps, I liked it enough to want to start my own blog of the same. I started recording plays in 2011 so I started the blog there and caught up. If you're not following my blog and you're wondering why your subscription brought you here, it's probably because I listed a game you subscribe to. Just click the subscribe button to the side and select "block" and you won't see my posts again. This blog is mostly for my tracking purpose but also for those that like information like this.
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Games Played: June 2012

Christopher Ebert
United States
Cape Coral
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Solo Gamers are NOT lonely!
Together We Game Alone (1 Player Guild)
So far June has been a great month in gaming. I was still able to get a few new games, even though my financial restrictions prevented that, by trading, selling, and doing a little overtime. I'm at the point now where I have so many games to play, that there's some on my wishlist that have dropped in desire level. Not cause I want them less, but cause I really want to get some good playing out of what I have. Mostly solitaire of course.
I've also starting getting back into Video Games more, so my Video Game vs Board Game time is starting to even up again.
Anyway, more on this month with comments from games.

Total Games Played: 11 (6 new to me)
Total Plays: 30 (13 solo)

Total Expansion Played: 2
Total Expansion Plays: 2

Most Played Game Multiplayer: Roll Through the Ages (6)
Most Played Game Solo: Nemo's War (6)

Ascension: Return of the Fallen
Times Played: 1 (1 solo)
Last Played: Dec 2011
Includes Kythis, the Gatekeeper Promo
For Ascension, with so many promos, I don't want to try to keep track every time one shows up.
Played a solo game since I haven't won with this one yet. Beat it on the first try. (Well, technically second try)

Blokus Duo
Times Played: 3
Last Played: New to me
Finally get to play this one face to face. (as opposed to my iPod Touch)

Times Played: 3
Last Played: New to me

Combat Commander: Europe
Times Played: 1
Last Played: April 2011
While visiting my parents for Father's Day weekend, I brought CC:E with me to introduce to my Dad. He was a bit daunted by the rules but stuck with it. I played as the Germans and gave him the Russians. He successfully got his Russians adjacent to the objectives I controlled, but could not get the Advance and Ambush cards he needed. I pulled a close victory at 12 points.

Lords of Waterdeep
Times Played: 5
Last Played: New to me
I had some credit left to get a game with and I had a very hard time choosing one. I bounced between D&D Wrath of Ashardalon (Or Drizzt), Race for the Galaxy, and Space Empires 4x. Then my wife saw Dice Tower's review for Lords of Waterdeep and really wanted it, so that made my decision. Lords of Waterdeep it is. I have REALLY enjoyed this game and never thought I'd ever be playing a D&D themed Euro. So far, it's her favorite Euro, and I think it's becoming mine too.

Nemo's War
Times Played: 6 (6 solo)
Last Played: New to me
I really enjoyed this game a lot. It's now the second game designed by Chris Taylor I've played/own (I also have Astra Titanus) and now it's my favorite by this designer.

Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age
Times Played: 6 (3 solo)
Last Played: New to me
Only new to me in the physical form though, as I have played this on for a bit now, and enjoyed it. Got a friend of mine really into it, so we both looked forward to getting a hold of a physical copy and playing. Also with the physical copy, I could finally try out the solo game. It was neat, but yea, it'll be fun trying to beat my top score, but I definitely prefer the multiplayer game.

Space Hulk: Death Angel
Times Played: 2 (2 solo)
Last Played: Aug 2011
Expansions used: Space Marine Pack 1 x1
Haven't broke this one out it a while. Figured I'd give it another good ole solo go and try to win. I didn't win.

Tales of the Arabian Nights
Times Played: 1 (1 solo)
Last Played: May 2012
Decided to try out this game solo. Kinda neat, but there's a small chance I'll do it again. This game is definitely more fun with 2-4 people.

Thunderstone Advance
Times Played: 1
Last Played: April 2012
Expansions Used: Thunderstone Avatars x1

Times Played: 1
Last Played: New to me
I had thrifted a version of Upwords a while ago, the 8x8 version. Then I found the 10x10 version this month. My wife and I have been thinking about starting a vintage board game night. I thought this might help us play games that we otherwise look over cause of all the shiny new sparkly awesome games we play more of. I gave her first choice so she picked Upwords. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun, but maybe cause we called it "Vintage Board Game Night" which put us in that mindset over "Hey let's play this old game that's just sitting here instead of (insert newer game here my wife loves)." We had a blast and wow was it a close game. I don't think I've ever seen her so determined to not lose a game. We both got down to 1 tile left and I found a spot to place it to score 8 points and grab the lead by 1 point. She found a place to use her last tile scoring 16 points and beating me.

Games acquired this month
Air Superiority (Auction win $7)
Air War: Modern Tactical Air Combat (Came with above)
Blokus Duo (Thrifted)
Carcassonne (with River) (Auction win $5)
Carcassonne: Expansion 2 – Traders & Builders (Came with base game)
Ghost Stories: Steven Qi-Gal
Ghost Stories: The Infernal Die (Don't have Black Secret yet, but it is on my wishlist. Figured I better get this while I can)
Lords of Waterdeep
M'44 Campaign Book #2
Nemo's War
Nemo's War Expansion Kit
Probe (Thrifted)
Quarriors! Quarmageddon with Quarriors! Quarmageddon Multiplying Mischievous Imp Promo Card for preordering
Roll Through the Ages
Space Hulk Death Angel: Deathwing Expansion
Upwords (Thrifted)
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