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New to me in 2020 - the top 10

Martin G
United Kingdom
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1.  9   My City x43

I only got this in July and I've played it 43 times, so it's an easy pick. I've been doing two separate 2p campaigns, one with my wife which we just completed on New Years Eve and one with a gaming friend. They've both been hugely enjoyable.

I love the way Knizia gradually mutates and layers the scoring conditions so that by half-way through you realise you're barely playing the same game that you started out with.

2.  9   American Book Shop x16

Implementing and playing trick-takers and other card games on playingcards.io has been one of the bright spots of this bizarre year. Particularly notable amongst those have been the fascinating designs of Taiki Shinzawa. I enjoyed Segment Trix, Zimbabweee Trick, Ambiente Abissal, Dois and Time Palatrix but best of all was American Book Shop, a perfect entry-level trick-taker with a delightful dose of dickery.

3.  9   Letterpress x14

This is a slight cheat as I played the very similar Movable Type a few years ago. But I didn't give it much attention at the time and it's worth it! A simple letter-drafting spelling game with a great arc as you use the individual rounds to build up an impressive word for the final showdown.

4.  8   The Field of the Cloth of Gold x14

I'm not sure the setting really comes through for me but I greatly enjoy the constant agonising choices and trying to set them up for my opponent.

5.  8   Wavelength x13

Brilliant party game that encourages interesting conversations. We'd have played a lot more if not for... you know.

6.  8   Spies & Lies: A Stratego Story x5

Under-the-radar 2p bluffing and reading game from Don Eskridge of Resistance fame.

7.  8   Quirky Circuits x6

RoboRally meets The Mind in this co-operative programming game that comes with an impressive variety of courses and characters.

8.  7   Watergate x3

A really solid entry in the burgeoning quick 2p card-driven political/war game genre.

9.  7  Marrakech x5

Lots of simple fun, I don't know why it took me so long to play this!

10.  7   Chartae x5

Knizia again, showing what he can do with just 9 tiles.
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