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Ornamental Import

John Shepherd
United Kingdom
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My copy of Import/Export Definitive Edition arrived yesterday … which marks a bit of a turning point in recent game acquisition; I backed this in the summer of 2019, and it’s the last* Kickstarter thing that I'd backed-but-hadn’t-had-delivered before the world changed. Which means that from this point forward… if a Kickstarter game arrives which goes directly onto the shelf-of-opportunity because it’s not a good fit for playing 2p vs Mrs Shep … well… I only have myself to blame now, don’t I?

From gallery of MrShep

It’s a really nicely produced version of the game. Even the box — which comes decorated (and textured!) to resemble a shipping container — comes in a whole raft of different versions. 47 possible country flags, and 5 differently-coloured crates… all randomly mixed, matched, and distributed blindly — you didn’t get a choice of box colour or flag. Though, appropriately enough, I happened to get the flag for the country where I live … and the blue crate is — apparently — very slightly rarer than all of the other colours, due to a batch of blue boxes getting bashed up during transit to the US distribution hub. So I can hardly complain about the particular 1-in-235 version that I’ve ended up with, can I?

From gallery of MrShep

The box is crammed with (pleasingly-weighty!) metal components, all of the expansions (with some really nice divider tabs included), and cards. Lots of cards. Most of which incorporate a spot-UV texturing effect in their artwork, which I’m trying (and largely failing) to demonstrate in this picture:

From gallery of MrShep

You don’t often see varnish used like this; it certainly makes the cards seem like they’re a bit of a cut above the norm (despite the minimalist artwork), and adds a very subtle-but-unusual tactile quality to them. I like it.

And while I’m waving cards around…

From gallery of MrShep

…well… it wouldn’t be a 2020-produced edition without these, would it?

So yeah… it looks great. The only downside is… I’m not at all sure when I’ll get to play it. Mrs Shep is a bit reluctant to learn new games at the moment, and I doubt she’ll remember very much about Glory to Rome (which Import/Export borrows from very heavily indeed) at all, so there’s no easy route in there. Plus, I kind of want to save my twisting-Mrs-Shep’s-Arm-To-Learn-Something-New credit for the arrival of Obsession — hopefully within a few weeks time -- which I expect will be more her kind of thing anyway. Which leaves me with the feeling that this one might be doomed to sit on the shelf-of-opportunity for a little while yet

Oh well. One thing’s for sure; it’ll look very pretty doing so!

External image

*Technically, I still have some stuff to connected with the 2016 Kingdom Death Monster Kickstarter to be fulfilled. But I’m pretty confident that the pandemic will have been over for a few years by the time that stuff turns up…
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