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Tags of Jupiter

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No mountains, no valleys
Never argue with idiots; they'll drag you down to their level and then beat you on experience.
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To the tune of "Drops of Jupiter," a tribute to Terraforming Mars and its extremely alluring victory points.

Now she's forging an atmosphere
With tags of Jupiter valued dear
She doesn't fall because gravity's low
But filling an ocean is deep and slow.
Since her return from the Phobos Space Haven
She sabotages and hacks--how craven!

So tell me, did you harness solar mirrors?
Did you make it to the Noctis maze
To build a giant city
Where inhaling makes you giddy?

Tell me, did you call down an asteroid?
Make all your rivals annoyed?
And did you miss the fact
That you cannot steal the plants from there?

She's dreaming a world that's not yet real
Mining titanium and steel
She hums some Holst cause it makes her jolly
Then builds an intercity trolley
Now she's heating the atmosphere
I'm afraid she might target me,
An earthbound merchant with bets to hedge
While she's taking flight from the planet's edge.

So tell me, did you win or confront defeat?
Did you finally get the chance
To fish for the card you need
And terraform Ganymede?

Tell me, did you clean up Venus' air?
Did you bolster your TR over there?
And did you miss the fact
That the planets' laws are cruel but fair?

Can you imagine a hard pass, huge gas giant
Your fly-bys bringing Earth back into view
Even when the journey's long?
Can you imagine the milestones, far from home
Eleven-minute phone delays
Space-dried food? It's not a world for me.

And tell me, is there soil beneath your feet?
Did you finally get the chance
To drink from Europa's lakes,
To endure, whatever it takes?

And tell me, did you climb Olympus' peak?
Is it everything you ever could seek
To watch, in distant skies
The brilliance of Earthrise?

And tell me, were you there for the comet's fall?
Are there more distant horizons that call
And will you listen
As you look down upon the world?

And did you finally get the chance
To relish the right to play?
And did you fall for a shooting star?
It's not heaven but the galaxy's full out there.
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