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iOS News: Haggis, Levee En Masse, Battle of the Bulge, Frozen Synapse, Whoowasit?, Great Big Wargame, Mage Knight Revenge, and More...

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The Latest News

Board Game Publisher: Playdek
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Summoner Wars Release Imminent
What more can we say? You want it. We want it. Summoner Wars is the most highly anticipated iOS board game since Puerto Rico, and maybe the most highly anticipated iOS board game ever. We know it was submitted last Friday. Screen shots and videos have been posted. Perhaps all is quiet before the storm? Perhaps we will see it tonight or tomorrow. Playdek operatives have been dropping in and out. The lights on the online play servers have been flickering. Is Playdek ready? Are you ready?

Haggis Coming Very Soon
Scott Ruttencutter has tweeted that he is passing out promo codes for his new iOS implementation of Haggis. This of course implies that it's already on the App Store and waiting for someone to push the magic button that releases it to the world. Just like Summoner Wars, we will announce when it becomes actually available.

First look at Great Battles Medieval for iPad at Pockettactics homeboy Owen Faraday is a busy blogger and makes our jobs quite a bit easier when he begs his way to getting first look screenshots of upcoming apps like Slitherine's Great Battles Medieval. It is described as a real time strategy, but there are wargamey elements in this one as well as interesting mechanics in the pause and order features of multiplayer. We won't go into the details when you can read all about it at Slitherine's site. There’s no firm release date yet but Slitherine tells Owen that they’re in the final development and testing stage. Could mean a few weeks, but we've seen these thing stretch out quite a bit longer.

Great Big Wargame Coming in July
With Great Little War Game, Rubicon Development worked on something good in its little room. But as Jack White says, if it's really good then you're gonna need a bigger room. Maybe Rubicon does not listen to the White Stripes, but they do work hard on apps like their upcoming Great Big Wargame which is almost here and due out in July. The sequel to GLWG will be released for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac and feature an expanded single player campaign, brand new online multiplayer, full in-game manual, tutorials and much more. You can check out the details at Rubicon's site or check out the original app on the App Store.

Combat Preview in Battle of the Bulge Video Posted
Perhaps the most anticipated true wargame for iOS in 2012 is none other than Shenandoah Studio's upcoming Battle of the Bulge. Just short of two weeks ago Shenandoah Studio posted a vimeo demonstrating the Combat Preview feature in Battle of the Bulge. Watch and try not to drool.

Frozen Synapse Video Posted
Coming out of far darker corners is a video demonstration from Mode 7 showing yet another hotly anticipated iPad app of 2012, Frozen Synapse, that we've not gotten to see a whole lot of as of yet. The video shows off the new touch interface Mode 7 is building as they remind everybody that the iPad version will have fully cross-platform play, and that they are definitely still considering the possibility of doing Android and phone versions. No release date or price yet, but they are hoping the game will be in beta in not too long. Enjoy!

Mage Knight Revenge on Kickstarter
We recently told you about the newly merged company, MFV (from Icarus and Zabu) in relation to WizKids properties like HeroClix. Now MFV has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring about a video game implementation of Mage Knight. While it is yet mentioned nowhere on the page for which platforms the game will be produced, MFV clarified for us that they are looking to go iOS and Web first, followed by more platforms if they can reach their $700,000 surprise funding goal. So now MFV's got plans for HeroClix and Mage Knight. Can Quarriors! be far behind? Until we hear more, you can read all about this Mage Knight project and dig into your pockets at the game's Kickstarter page.

Gang Domination Releasing on Thursday
Gameloft has released Gang Domination for iOS iPhone. The app is a mob-themed card game that allows players to cooperate and battle each other as they try to form the most powerful gang. This looks like another card battler and we hear that it's big in Japan. The app uses the GREE platform in its online play. Sad to say that while the words sounded intriguing, the gameplay however is only slightly above mafia wars. We don't often say so, but we think we'll steer clear of this one, especially with so much other recently released good stuff.

Dice Soccer App Removed and Replaced in iTunes Store
Fellow BGGer Phirax wrote to let us know about a situation in which LambdaMu's Dice Soccer was removed from the App Store and replaced by a new app of the same name and similar icon created by 6waves Lolapps. According to a Facebook press release LambdaMu secured a publishing deal with 6waves that will bring Dice Soccer to the 6waves's Facebook platform for play. Evidently the move also ends up jilting users of the previous app because saved games will not transfer to the new platform and will no longer use iCloud, which had been recently added by LambdaMu.

Phirax further points out that essentially the change removes functionality that benefited the user and has replaced it with functionality that benefits 6waves pursuit of Facebook followers. While new players might not miss the loss of iCloud, players who supported the previous app with in-app purchases and hours of dedicated game play with the hope of competing online may now be out of luck. We feel for Phirax and other users and think this may tell a cautionary tale. While we all love playing these games on these devices, let us always remember exactly what we are investing our time and money into.

Whoowasit? to Release Soon
Ravensburger Digital recently popped in to the BGG forums of Whoowasit? to announce the upcoming release of an iOS implementation of the cooperative children's deduction game that won the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2008. The app will support up to four players and enable players of the print version to replace the game's electronic device with the app for better sound quality. Ravensburger Digital expects the app to release at the end of July.

Steam City Coming
Kasper Lorentzen of Ettin Entertainment posted an announcement on BGG that their digital board game Steam City is coming to the App Store soon (no date given) and will also be playable online as a browser game. In the born-digital Steam City you draw building parts from a pool and then lay them on a grid from your "hand". Points are scored by constructing different buildings and connecting steam pipes from the buildings to other steam pipes. We've not completed a game yet, but the mechanics of building and connection scratch that primal-euro satisfying urge to build and score points in a strategic way against other players. We therefore think this game could have some legs as a digital board game as it develops. You can play the beta version for free now on Ettin's Unity player web site to see if you like it. The eventually released iOS app will also be ad-supported free to play.

M.U.L.E Returns and Alpha Colony On Kickstarter
A developer named DreamQuest Games wants to combine Catan with the seminal turn-based strategy video game M.U.L.E. to bring a pair of apps to iOS and other mobile devices. If you read their Kickstarter plea closely you will learn that they actually want to bring back a faithful remake of M.U.L.E as M.U.L.E Returns as well as the Settlers-inspired update. The kick to this starter dream is that it will require 500,000 simoleans to make it a reality. I never played M.U.L.E. but the passion and description for this project should pique most digital board game enthusiast's interest. Check out their Kickstarter page.

Mojang Releases Trailer for Scrolls
News of Mojang's next big game, Scrolls, has been out for some time. Now the developer of Minecraft has released a gameplay trailer that's caught our eye. The game will be a fantasy-themed collectible card battle game that, in their words, aims to take the genre of Collectible Card Games to a whole new level.

"Streamlined gameplay aimed towards digital online gaming, auction houses, single-player campaigns and an array of multi-player gaming modes such as friendly matches, tournaments and ranked matches are only some of the features we are looking to implement to give the CCG-fans a never before seen online experience."

Mojang will follow a similar path to Minecraft in which they will release the game in open beta for a reduced price, currently planned to occur around holiday 2012, and no doubt for PCs first, but their has long been indication that the team would like the game to playable on multiple platforms. The holiday's are a long way off still, so for now check out the gameplay trailer:

You can of course learn a whole lot more by visiting the official Scrolls web site.

App Releases

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Levee en Masse HD Released
Victory Point Games has released their second digital board game, Levee en Masse HD, for iOS iPad with iPhone and Android implementations to come soon as well. Like VPG's print counterpart, the app is a one player solitaire affair. The app is priced at $4.99. Early reports indicate the the 1.0 release is somewhat rough in performance so VPG has already submitted an update. We will of course let you know when that update is available. Still, you can check it out the App Store.

Field Master Released
Gadan Game has released Field Master for iOS iPhone. The app appears to be somewhat based on Risk, with an even more abstract but attractive look. The app is free to play, but only 10 times before in-app-purchase. That's not a model we often see. You can get it free on the App Store.

Trivie - Battle of Wits! Released/Price Drop
Trivie has this month launched Trivie - Battle of Wits! for iOS iPhone. The app is a social trivia game. It looks more like trivia-something than trivia with friends. Trivia contests are one type of game at least some board gamers enjoy. You can pick up the $0.99 or free version on the App Store. Released
MobileFWD has released for iOS iPhone. Offering power-ups, different types of rounds, and other more advanced features, this trivia app appears to be aimed at the more serious trivia hound. It's also more seriously priced at $2.99 and plays only with an online connection. You can pick it up on the App Store.

Matching With Friends Released
Zynga has released Matching With Friends for iOS iPhone. It appears that some genius at Zynga may have came up with the brilliant observation that maybe 26 letters is just 18 too many factors for their primary audience to deal with. So they boiled it down to just 8 or so colors. Each turn you get 3 sets of 3 blocks to place on a grid so that like colors touch for more points. If you are unhappy with your draw, you can use "coins" to potentially infinitely re-draw 3 block sets. Need more coins, you buy them. Ah Zynga, what will you come up with next? For a kind of mind-numbingly funny video of TouchArcade's Brad and Eli playing this game for ten minutes, swing on over to YouTube. And, oh yeah, Zynga will charge you $2.99 to pick this up from the App Store.

Cheecoting Released
Calabughi Entertainment has released Cheecoting for iOS Universal. Cheecoting appears to be a game of shooting Marbles on a track, or as the app description reads "Italian Beach Marbles". I haven't yet dropped my $1.99 on it, but it would appear to possibly have a similar appeal as Disc Drivin', where you are flicking your piece in a turn-based dexterity race against other players. That said, a video of the physics has me doubting. You can read more about it on the App Store.

App Updates

Video Game: Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer Updated
It seems that there has been quite a bit of intermittent disruption this week with the Playdek online servers. While frustrating at times, most of us take those as rumblings that something good is coming down the pipe from Playdek. This week Playdek updated its (current) flagship app. Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer to version 1.2.1. While the update was incremental in number the addition of the option for mixing all sets is pretty big considering the furor generated by some players at the release of the Storm of Souls expansion over not being allowed to mix sets. You can read more about the rest of the update on the App Store.

Reiner Knizia's Money Updated
It's always good to get an update on Reiner Knizia's Money (the joke never gets old). Skotos has given the app its biggest update ever. The update includes a new elo system, randomized bidding order, rewritten rules, Game Center support for leaderboards, UI improvements and much more. You can check out the full details on the App Store.

Battle Academy Update
Slitherine finally updated Battle Academy to version 2.0. The update includes something called Multiplayer Force Selection, that allows you to choose and assemble your forces rather than have them set. Also included are changes to model logic, fixes to mission script bugs, and among other things, a fix that will prevent unsers from having to re-download in-app purchases. You can check out the full details on the App Store.

Hero Academy Updated
Robot Entertainment has updated Hero Academy to version 1.2.3. The update includes new 28 free single-player challenges that let you try out every team's play style. Prior to this Hero Academy has been an online-only, multi-player affair. Additionally the update also includes a better tutorial, new achievements and more. You can check out all of the details on the App Store.

Words With Friends HD Updated
Zynga has updated Words With Friends to version 5.0. The update includes new interface enhancements, new landscape mode, Retina support, and more. You can check out the full details of the update on the App Store.

Zombie Quest Update
Synaptic Wave has updated Zombie Quest to version 1.0.2. The update includes added support for both landscape orientations, fix to problem with AI player freezes, a fix to critical crashes on some devices, and more. You can check out the full details on the App Store.

Warlords Classic HD Updated
Alsedi has updated Warlords Classic HD to version 1.1. Alsedi strongly recommends the update because it includes among other things a fix to nasty sudden turn-ending bug, a fix for user control of AI armies, and a few other bug fixes. See the full details on the App Store.

Blocker Updated
Groundcontrol ApS has updated Blocker - Challenge your friends! to version 1.0.5. The update includes the removal of all ads and any In App Purchases, making all features available for everybody. Hooray! And still just $0.99 on the App Store.

Buddy Bones Updated
eMGee has updated their Buddy Bones dominoes app to version 1.1.0. The update includes Facebook connect and Retina display support. You can check it out on the App Store.

Neuroshima Hex Updated
Big Daddy's Creations updated Neurshima Hex to version 2.1.0. The update includes a much welcome ability to now create private online game over Game Center as well as much faster logging in to the server, board graphic for the Retina Display, and several other improvements and bug fixes. You can check out the full details on the App Store.

Assassin's Creed Recollection Updated
Ubisoft has updated Assassin's Creed Recollection to version 2.13. The update includes the Revalations expasion with 144 new memories with game-changing abilities along with 30 solo missions and challenges and more improvements and tweaks. You can check out the full details on the App Store.

War of Words Free - the crossword game with bombs! Updated
Wolf Studios has updated War of Words - the crossword game with bombs! top version 4.0. The update includes Tweeting of high scores and wins, direct Facebook access, better board selection improvements, better recall improvements, more option settings, rack improvements and much, much more. Get all the details on the App Store.

Hot Deals

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Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Price Dropped to Free
Red Wasp Design has dropped the price on Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land for iOS Universal to free for the first time ever. Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land is a turn-based strategy/role-playing game based on the Call of Cthulhu RPG.If you've had this app on your watch list, now is your chance to pick it up for free on the App Store.

BANG! the Official Video Game Price Dropped to Free
To celebrate the release of a racing game they've just released, Palzoun & SpinVector have dropped the price on BANG! the Official Video Game for the first time ever. Score! You can pick it up now for free on the App Store.

Interesting Links

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Board Game Time Helper App Released
Simple Tomatoe has released a helper app called Board Game Time Helper for iOS Universal. This attractive app turns your iOS device into a handy game timer so you can move along your pokey friends and shake them out of their paralyzed analytical stupors. Best of all, it's free on the App Store!

Think Mindpath Released
During the madness of some great releases last week, Ravensburger Digital quietly launched a new Reiner Knizia puzzler called THINK® – Mind-Path HD for iOS iPad. The app is a puzzle game where you turn pieces on the board to connect different colored orbs. It's set in a cool zen garden setting, with a great soundtrack to play it by. Really looks like puzzler that might appeal to board gamers as well. The app is priced at $3.99 and available on the App Store now.

Zynga Unleashes Cross Platform Gaming Network Zynga With Friends
PocketGamer reports that Zynga has unveiled details of its new gaming network, Zynga With Friends. According to PocketGamer the new gaming network is described as being a sort of 'social lobby' where players scattered across various platforms and social networks can meet and compete against one another while reviewing leader boards and game feeds. We're not sure of what impact this will have on board and card game-like experiences, but Zynga is a large company that for better or worse is helping to shape the zeitgeist of mobile gaming so we bring it to your attention. You can read more at PocketGamer site.

Best Co-operative Board Games on the iPad
This week our friends over at iPadboardgames,org have posted a nice roundup listing the best cooperative board game apps on the iPad. Check it out at
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