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Alexandre Correia
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Day 1553. April 2, 2021. Lagos...

It was a mistake to stop writing daily in the last few weeks and forgo the thirty minutes or so spent putting (gaming) thoughts into paper.

It not only feels great to share game wanderings with you, but the writing in itself is a chance to zone out of the real world for a while. I shouldn't have let babies run the blog so long, no matter how beautiful they are. Pre-toddlers preventing me from a much-needed pause. A pause from the sleepless nights when two hours of closed eyes taste like heaven. A pause in the house chores that double in volume when your better half needs to be wholly devoted to the new guest. A pause in the father madman's circus juggle of work, exercise, domestic and social life.

From gallery of ZombieBoard

Aim for the stars little one.

On the other hand, I don't know if I would have been able to sit down and actually write anything. Or play any game and share impressions with you. As a father of one, free time is nuked at the moment the children match the number of adults. I bow in respect for the gaming parents outnumbered by their offspring.

But I know (or think I know) that in time, as long as kids grow and parents learn about life along with them, that the pockets of free time and energy that I'll have to carve out for myself will also grow.

The other day, my wife told me she missed playing games. Terraforming Mars, of course, but also new games. I struggled not to laugh out loud as not to wake the baby when she mentioned Agra! But Jamaica, her next suggestion, might not be so absurd after all. It is, after all, a racing game where speed is paramount.

Even gaming with Alice suffered a huge blow in the last two weeks. The only three games she managed to pull out of her tired daddy were a speedy Avalanche At Yeti Mountain. A Washing Lines while I struggled to stay awake and focus on the colors to set collect. And Claim 2, sneaked by when I sat to drink the dark beverage of wakefulness. Her exuberant Giants trampled all over my sleepy Gnomes.

Only today, on her last day of Easter Vacations, did we managed to visit our secret island of lockdown after a long hiatus.

From gallery of ZombieBoard

Small pleasures.

From gallery of ZombieBoard


From gallery of ZombieBoard


She was delighted to have her daddy all to herself for once, as we sat in the wooden bridge for another match of The Fox in The Forest. We played three hands, as usual. But while she managed to win two out of three, I still squeaked by a win on the back of treasures won during all three hands.

As for future brain-challenging games, I don't know...

Sprawlopolis and Agropolis should get here in about a month or so, and I'm sure they will feel like life savors. I might try to focus on games that fall below the absolute thirty-minute threshold, including setup. Dice games and Roll & Writes (again!) come off the top of my mind. What do you think?

Solo RPGs, particularly those that don't suffer from episodic sessions throughout the week, also tempt me. Stuff like 4AD (obviously) and that Solo Journaling Zine niche that sprouted in the last year. A few should also arrive in the coming weeks or months.

I'll just have to wait and see what new routines come up as we continue to adapt to the new guest in the house.

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