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After following Bobby Warren's (Bobby4th) blog of his game recaps, I liked it enough to want to start my own blog of the same. I started recording plays in 2011 so I started the blog there and caught up. If you're not following my blog and you're wondering why your subscription brought you here, it's probably because I listed a game you subscribe to. Just click the subscribe button to the side and select "block" and you won't see my posts again. This blog is mostly for my tracking purpose but also for those that like information like this.
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Games Played: July 2012

Christopher Ebert
United States
Cape Coral
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Solo Gamers are NOT lonely!
Together We Game Alone (1 Player Guild)
Not much gaming this month. Video games really distracted me. Finally beat the storyline of Diablo 3. Now onto Nightmare. I also still need to finish Mass Effect 3.

Most of my gaming took place in Tennessee for my week vacation. Played a bunch of Backgammon with my Dad, taught him Lords of Waterdeep, and my wife and I got pummeled by him in Merchants and Marauders.

Total Games Played: 10 (1 new to me)
Total Plays: 21 (5 solo)

Total Expansion Played: 2
Total Expansion Plays: 2

Most Played Game Multiplayer: Backgammon (8)
Most Played Game Solo: Nemo's War (2)

Astra Titanus
Times Played: 1 (1 solo)
Last Played: Aug 2011
Finally beat that damn Scenario 2. This time I went for nothing but the drive system and brought it to a crawl before bringing attention to the weapons. Also, whenever I could launch a missile carrier, I kept them back at the moonbase until I had them all, then approached and launched 4 missiles at a time to get through the defensive lasers. That really helped out a lot and helped me to achieve victory finally. Now I can move onto Scenario 3.

Times Played: 8
Last Played: Sometime before Dec 2010
I spent a week in Tennessee helping my parents move stuff up for their retirement next year. My Dad brought out the Backgammon set I thrifted for him and wanted to play cause that's the game he played a lot of while he was in the Navy. We played one game by the standard rules and he didn't care for it. He always played Acey-Duecy. So I looked up the rules and we got going. Had a lot of fun. We seemed to constantly alternate wins. I finally got a "Gammon" on him, but then he turned around and won a "Gammon" on me. Didn't help me that his first 3 turns were all doubles.

Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft
Times Played: 1
Last Played: Oct 2011
Wife and I decided to get this out and give it another go. She prefers Pathfinder, but this watered down board game version of D&D somewhat fills the desire to play. We lost though, played the 3rd Adventure. This game doesn't get out much. But I use the minis for Pathfinder,

Dungeon Run
Times Played: 1 (1 solo)
Last Played: Feb 2012
I keep wanting this one to be fun. I have to say I like it more solo than 2-player though, but I imagine this game is much more fun with at least 4 people. Solo play was much better this time though having enough tiles for a 2-player game. I still lost but it wasn't over in a blink of an eye.

Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations
Times Played: 1 (1 solo)
Last Played: Jul 2011
My first Great rating. Somehow all this time I had missed that the missions had difficulty levels. Introductory, Standard, Advanced, and Expert. shake So, now instead of doing then in chronological order, I'm just going to work my way up.

Lords of Waterdeep
Times Played: 3
Last Played: Jun 2012
Got to teach my Dad this game. He thought it was nice but wasn't really into it. Oh well, at least my wife loves it.

Merchants & Marauders
Times Played: 1
Last Played: Mar 2012
Played this with my Wife and Dad. It was a very fun game. My Dad and I were Merchants, while my wife pursued the life of a pirate. Game started off slow with all of us having only 1 vp within the first 45 mins to an hour. The cargo cards were not helping, guess I shuffled them up good. My wife was having trouble getting a lot of gold for merchant raids. Then I was the first death. My little Flute, struggling to make a living, was sunk by a pirate (npc) in a sloop. My next captain was good for merchant so I stayed with that. Finally the game picked up and VPs were earned much faster. Then my Wife, seeing my Dad's Galleon full of gold, decides to attack him, even though she was a French Privateer and he was a French Captain. I saw that she had a bunch of gold as well and didn't say anything. I was close enough so if my Dad lost the fight, I'd swoop in and try to finish her off. Even though I had a flute and she had a Frigate. Well, my Dad pulled out the Escort glory card, but my wife sunk the Navy Ship but did get busted up only a little. My dad torn her up though, boarded her, and defeated her. Then took the gold, sailed back to homeport, and stashed it for the win.

Nemo's War
Times Played: 2 (2 solo)
Last Played: Jun 2012
Still can't get anything better than Inconsequential Results. angry

Times Played: 1
Last Played: Apr 2012
Expansions Used: Rise of the Demons x1, Quarmageddon x1
Includes: Quarriors! Quaxos Promo Cards and Quarriors! Quarmageddon Multiplying Mischievous Imp Promo Card
First time playing with Quarmageddon. (Finally)

Sorry! Sliders
Times Played: 2
Last Played: New to me
Thrifted a second copy of this to complete my other copy. Wife and I tried it out. She had fun but said "After playing all these other cool games, this just seems kinda bland."

Games acquired this month
Alien Frontiers: Factions (Kickstarter)
Alien Frontiers: Faction Pack #1 (Kickstarter)
Dominoes (From Parents)
Sorry! Sliders (Thrifted)
Travel Mahjong (Thrifted)
WFF 'N Proof (From Parents)
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