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...return to Roswell's maze...

Alexandre Correia
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Day 1555. April 4, 2021. Lagos...

The last time I faced the dice-driven alien invasion, I had a blast having my but kicked at Roswell. A vanilla game set at Threat level 1, with the upper sky tile, flipped to its hard side.

This morning I had my radar on high alert, looking for potential breaks in newborn wails followed by a tired sleep soon after. Sometimes we get a five-minute rest. Sometimes he's blessed with a sixty-minute nap.

From gallery of ZombieBoard

Return of the silent invaders.

This time, he gave me about thirty minutes to play. The eyes opened only as the mother ship was a notch or two from crushing the Roswell base.

I don't know what happened. I noticed a wasted die or two during the game that could have been placed in some other location had I had my full attention on the game rather than on the room's noise levels as not to wake the baby. And I know I waited too long to start funding the research track, which should be going up as early as turn one if possible!

But at least I squeaked out a solo play - a play of a very good one-player cardboard xenomorph - with a sleeping newborn at my side.

I call that a victory.

But if that's a victory, how about a three-player game of Labyrinth: Card Game during the umpteenth nap?

From gallery of ZombieBoard

A maze made for three.

A milestone, I would say, since we rarely find the stars aligned for the whole family to take part in the same game.

Alice took the lead, winning two treasures (twice!), and my wife caught up with her soon after. It's crucial to win at least one treasure every time you place a card, lest you fall too far behind in the race, in a game where winning two at once can easily spell victory once the cards run out.

It was more fun than it had any right to be for a card version of a classic.

One year ago: ...the dead...

Photos & Images: ZombieBoard
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