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...dusk of the thoarr mine...

Alexandre Correia
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Day 1558. April 7, 2021. Lagos...

From the diary of Whurgar "Iron Lurker" of the Clan Keenhood.

Year 4 in Thoarr Mine

Our numbers are falling too fast to creatures of the underworld. Goblins, Cave Bears, Dire Wolves, and this year, Root Walkers! We built a third hovel in the hopes of attracting more dwarfs from nearby mines and strongholds, but I don't know if it will be enough. The fight with the Root Walkers was a hard one before the fire burned the last of the bulbous creatures. Axe covered in brown ooze, I stood by the fire looking deep into it, letting the flames burn an image in the eyes. A fiery vision of a great forge to be. A construct to bring prestige and fame to Clan Keenhood for eons! A mithril forge!

Year 5 in Thoarr Mine

We started to prepare the foundations for the mithril forge. Such a magnificent building will take many months, if not years, of the clan's resources. So, we dug ever deeper. Deeper than ever before until the miners found the perfect place for the building. Unfortunately, it was occupied by beasts that should have been friends of ours, on the back of our mutual appreciation for the rock. But the Stone Folk are too primitive for such unions. We've invaded their homes, and they fought back with force. As we would if they did the same to us.

The mithril forge is happening... at the sounds of battle and screams of the dying from both war parties!

Year 6 in Thoarr Mine

The mithril forge is built! Aaaah! Glory and doom for Clan Keenhood!

The Stone Folk were relentless and didn't stop attacking since we found them! Immediately the forge was put to work, our sole block of the precious material melted to craft shiny mithril armor for our soldiers! But for all their shininess and strength, they are no match for creatures defending their homes and their lives!

From gallery of ZombieBoard

Remnants of a small band of dwarfs.

The Battle of the Rocks we named our final battle. The Stone Folk were exterminated. But so did us!

...well, that was fast. Faster than I had expected. Only six years of existence and a paltry three points of prestige, from the glorified graveyard built in the second year. I figured offense to be the best strategy to a long life for the Thoarr Mine and Clan Keenhood. With that in mind, I built four barracks early in the game, unlocking the killer(?) d12 Attack die. Unfortunately, since most of the creatures we found didn't have much more than 4 or 5 points of health, a d12 = overkill. Next time I'm stopping at the d10 and invest in early hovels rather than barracks.

And there will be a next time. Now that I've played the first game and figured out the rules (but not the strategy), expect a few more dwarven mines around these parts.

One year ago: ...illiterate troll of all trades...

Photos & Images: ZombieBoard
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