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Rangers of Shadowdeep - Mission 1: scenario 2

Ville E
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Following the tracks, our fearless rangers found themselves in a patch of forest covered in webs. Hiro Steelwhiskers spotted one of the webbed cocoons still moving. There might be survivors, no time to waste!

The terrains was set up as pictured below. There's 5 spiders, inspired by the challenging version, instead of 3 more spiders there was 2 zombies and a rat. Mostly because I only had 8 spider models and I didn't want to run out if more spawns. The white splotches are web cocoons.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
One zombie hides behind the vegetation mid-right. The rat is behind a tree mid-left. Randomized spiders both ended up on the left side.

Raganhar and Hiro take the left path with their companions, facing the brunt of the enemies.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Left path is full of dangers.

Zahar with her companions took the right path, which seemed more peaceful. The witch herself ran straight up the middle to see what's in the cocoon.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
One of the most persistent zombies yet. It took several rounds to kill and took the doggy down with him.

Drawing the focus to himself by stomping in the middle, Raganhar was again stuck in deadly melee. Which was his preferred place, being pretty slow for a ranger.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"This is preferable to 5 zombies!"

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Mother of all spiders (I would guess). This guy managed to poison the archer (1v2) and the barbarian (1v3!), before finally taking a boot in the face.

Staying out of the big melee, Steelwhiskers darted to the left and found a survivor. He continued for the trees along the left side with his wolf. Unfortunately Whitefang fell when a bloodthirsty spider dropped down from a tree and assaulted Hiro.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
No sidequests this time!

Losing his wolf in the process, Steelwhiskers fought his way to the nest trees and started burning them down on the left side.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Burn baby burn!

Ben managed to do the same on the right side, having finally felled the zombie (his only adversary the whole match).

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"Should have brought sausages..."

Again, after the big rush the rest of the scenario was mostly just mopping up.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"I swear this was't here a moment ago", Steelwhiskers explained as they burned the last (extra) nest tree to ash.

Experience galore! I think we netted around a 100, giving a level and being immediately close to a 2nd one. Things ran more smoothly now that no one was a first timer. Everyone had more firm grasp on the mechanisms too so no stupidies ensued. I find the swingy combat fitting, charging a lowly rat or a spider makes everyone think twice. The barbarian lost his attack against the spider with a whopping +8 to it's +0 (or was it +1)!

I'm not quite sold on the scenario though. Spiders seeing everyone all the time just makes them beeline for the closest opponent. Which results in early rushing / melee, and then a steady drizzle of solo spiders. We found only 1 zombie in the cocoons, which meant that after the first 8 opponents, there wasn't much to do except to run.
I'd prefer for a 2nd wave of enemies or somesuch, like 2-4 spider dropping down from random nest trees around round 3-4 (maybe as a challenging version?). I don't know if it would be too difficult for 1-2 players then, or if the 1st mission is intentionally very easy (it probably is). Oh well, next time gnolls (or more likely beastmen / demons).

Oh yeah. I think Hiro found some herbs on the way and also a magic sword in the very last turn (from the treasure token)!
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