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5 Games better than Monopoly! with Adam

Troy Wellington
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Monopoly is sadly one of the most popular games in the world. The dark stain it has put on our beloved hobby may never be fully erased. It has scarred us in our early years and destroyed many a family gathering. But mostly it has created barriers to spreading the greatness that is the board gaming world. Still, we can use this abomination of a game and twist it our purposes. Here are two lists of games that take something from Monopoly and do it better. Using the known name and concepts we can show our friends the light and guide them to better gaming.


Coach Troy: Machi Koro
This uses the idea of gaining properties and using them in combinations with each other. There is also dice rolling and money management. The biggest improvement I'd say is the player interaction in each turn. There is always something that may be happening so you have to pay attention. There is also the Bright Lights, Big Cityversion, which I prefer, and the Legacy version is great too!

Adam: The Game of Life
Not sure he is helping the cause with this one. His reasoning being that it has an ending that you can see. While that is true I'd still prefer to erase this game from the earth. We can keep the spinner though.


Coach Troy: Monopoly Deal the card game
This I would say is the best version of Monopoly. Mostly because it doesn't play like it older brother. Its set collection with a bit of take that and hand management as you try and get three sets of properties. Having the name makes it a little more welcoming and a solid stepping stone to better card games.

Adam: McDonald's Monopoly
Win a free small fry? Ok, so I may need to rethink which is the best version of Monopoly.


Coach Troy: Catan
This classic is easy to learn, looks great, and is an awesome intro game that for many has replaced Monopoly. These easily can take over as the family game night go to. There is dice rolling, property building, and lots of trading! Its very interactive as we are always looking for one more sheep or wood. The resource managment replaces the money management and is a lot more fun.

Adam: Biblios
Finally a good pick! This is a very clean game of bidding, set collection, and money management. The game is played in two halves, starting with drafting all the cards. Trying to keep in mind what people have to stop them from getting complete sets. Then in the second round you will be using all the money you drafted to bid for cards to either solidify your sets or influence the point values of the sets. I would also put For Sale here as well. Very similar game that may have a bit more of a family friendly look.


Coach Troy: Quadropalis
There are many City building games. This just happens to be my favorite. So if someone likes the idea of building up their properties then a game like this is a perfect replacement. The properties all interact and score points in different ways. There are multiple ways to play. And there is some player interaction.

Adam: Crypt
This is a quick card game that uses dice rolling, set collecting, and has a unique bidding system. The cards look great, the scoring changes from game to game, and it plays fast. This is another solid pick from Adam. He is really starting to up his picks. I'm exited to see his number one.


Coach Troy: Acquire
This is the ultimate money management game. This is the game that should be holding the position of most widely know family game. A Sid Sackson classic, this game is game has been around since the 60's and doesn't get the love it deserves. Maybe it was because it was in the 3M line of bookshelf games. Stiil, the building up of companies, deciding when to merge, what stocks to buy, how to manage all that money. This game is amazing. It still needs to get a good looking modern version made.

Adam: Chess
Sigh... I thought he was on the right track. But as he puts it. This is a known game that is better than Monopoly because you have control. All the chance and die rolls are gone and it is all up to your personal skill.

So any of these should be a suitable replacement for Monopoly. With these lists (well still not %100 sure on some of Adam's)you should be able to steer your friends and family to the brighter side of board gaming! Agree or disagree? Let us know and share your replacement games as well.
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