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New to Gaming #4: Now we play the waiting game...

Patrick Cox
United States
South Saint Paul
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...and then we wait some more.

Anyone remember this?

I'm about to bust out the Hungry Hungry Hippos

Learning my way around this hobby, I've had to learn about the waiting game. And not just waiting for my opponents to take their turns. I mean waiting for the games themselves to arrive.

I was super excited to pre-order Sleeping Gods from the BGG Store back on March 11. It looks so awesome, and right up my theme-loving solo-playing alley! There was an anticipated delivery of late April sometime, which wasn't so bad. Then the publisher requested the store to hold off a bit on delivery, so that pushed it into early May. I just got an email with a UPS tracking number that says the game is arriving tomorrow!

But… this is a game I anticipated playing solo. It’ll be one of my big immersive experiences that I love. I avoid playing such games when my kids are with me. I’d rather be spending that time with them, playing games or other things. Plus they make it hard to get too terribly immersed in anything when they’re around, and distance learning, and they bring their dog… And they’re here now and will be here for two weeks! So even after I'm done waiting for the game to arrive, I'll still be waiting to play it!!

A while ago I backed Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall on KS from one of my hometown game publishers, Atlas Games. That order isn’t expected to fulfill until October, which is a ways off. Having other games around to play helps make waiting easier. (Hence, Homer and Hungry Hungry Hippos!) Other games keep my mind off the fact that I'm waiting for Gloomier. But I also added on the Gloom: The Looking Glass Promo Card for a mere $1.00. Now an email notification tells me it will be arriving any day now. AN expansion card without the base game.

And the base game is months off. I don't even own Gloom…So this card is of no use for me for quite awhile…

As if that wasn't enough...the other day I discovered Orchard: A 9 card solitaire game was available at one my FLGSs, at least according to their website. I don’t often find such small games stocked in stores. I’m guessing the profit margins make it not so worthwhile. I've been wanting Orchard so I dashed over to grab it right way and the owner of the store told me he had never heard of it! He looked it up online and said, “Look’s like it just came out a couple weeks ago and we don’t have it yet.” I think the game is actually a few years old but no matter. All I knew is I wouldn't be getting it right away after all. I went home and ordered it online. I hear it’s on it’s way now…

...or is it?
External image

"No scheduled delivery date available." Huh?

My whole month of May is being thrown off! I’ve got both Biblios: Quill and Parchment and Mining Colony on order from Dr. Finn and he’s having shipping troubles. I backed Castle Siege, The Blessed Dark, and Starforge (aka "The Poketto Collection from, well, Poketto) which is now in fulfillment in every country in the world except mine where it’s having trouble getting through customs…

Once those May games arrive, I’ll still have 32 more games in various states of pre-order, KS backing, and so forth. Some of them are not expected to arrive until May 2022! So...

I guess there's nothing else to do but...
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P.S. The funny thing is, I could have sworn Homer says, "Let's play Monopoly!" I have no idea why!
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