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According to wikipedia:

Eurogame -

"The oldest known games in the American-style are Pachisi and Snakes and Ladders from India."

"Contemporary Eurogames, such as Acquire, appeared in the 1960s."

So, Amerigames originate in India? Eurogames originate in America, where the typical games originated in India?

Besides Amerigame being a stupid name that should never be legitimized, did any Ameritrash fan at any time argue that the games they love could be traced back to their origins in Snakes & Ladders? If anything, Backgammon and various gambling games combined with historical miniatures games seem like a better antecedent.

The BGG Ameritrash wiki is quite good by comparison -

I'm almost convinced that this wikipedia article was written as a joke.

"These games are sometimes referred to as Ameritrash. This is in reference to their propensity to use themes aligned to trashy low budget horror movies."

Is this just someone guessing at what the name means? Sigh.

My understanding, based on the hazy memory of being here in '06, and based on reading through links on the BGG wiki, is that Ameritrash began as a term of derision (in a way that Amerigame never was) to describe mass market American games from the past that had virtually no decisions, then was taken up as a term of affection by those championing American games from the past that had plenty of decisions though often had more luck and narrative aspirations than the average BGG user was open to in the mid-00s.

The wikipedia article is just terribly confused.

The earliest games in the American-style are Pachisi and Snakes & Ladders. This leads into a bit about Monopoly, then out of nowhere Diplomacy is mentioned as if it follows naturally from everything above. Then, Risk in the same way. Then, jump to War of the Ring, which is just like Pachisi, right?

The "characteristics" section isn't bad, but it's difficult to see how it follows from the "history" section above it.

Anyhow, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. Those were just some quickly typed out rambling thoughts on having read a wikipedia article. I've got a few blog post 'projects' and a few non-blog 'projects' planned and in various stages of done and not-done. Some day, some day.
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