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Rangers of Shadowdeep - Mission 2: scenario 1

Ville E
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...or how not to sneak past a camp of beastmen.

Our brave rangers continue their journey towards Tor Varden. Dodging beastmen patrols moving in every direction they made their way to the river. Not seeing a good place to cross except for the nearby bridge, it seems conflict was inevitable. But who's afraid of some meek beastmen. No one, right?

Oh, you should be. You really should be...

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
This is the board. A wall is marking the edge on the left side. The dice tray on the bottom.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"What is that red thing?"
"An ogre."
"No way! I've seen ogre before and that's not it. It looks more like... I dunno, so strange fungi from another world."
"Pffff! Listen to yourself. 'From another world. Fungi'. I bet it hits exactly like an ogre..."

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
A quick plan was formed; Raganhar and Bargh take the middle, Hiro and Lilac flank left and Zarah and Ben flank right. Plan was to quietly move as close the as possible and then unleash hell on multiple fronts all at once. Like all plans, this lasted until we made contact with the enemy. Zarah casts Armor on Ben. Hiro mutters a word, activating his magical sword which begins to glow faintly.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Sneaking sneaking (I succeeded the pre-scen navigation roll, yay!)

All the bow armed beastmen moved to drink from the river. They must have been parched. The beasts on the other side milled around and the sergeant moved forward, possible seeing something move in the woods.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"I smell stunty flesh!"

Rangers tried to lure beastman leader behind some rocks to take him out hidden, but alas, it was too smart to fall into a puny scheme like that (we failed a stealth TN 8 roll with +3 mod). There was no place to hide anymore, the bowmen and sergeant having too wide view of the surroundings - only thing to do was to attack.

Zarah impaled the beastman sergeant with magical bonedart, hitting the shoulder. At the same time, the sergeant managed to dodge the thrown axe from Raganhar. It charged Raganhar and Bargh, bleating an alarm and cry for attack. While Raganhar parried the blow, Bargh embedded his axe in the beast's skull. One down.

Hiro and Lilac spotted a nasty looking owl. It moved with a purpose, much more so than a natural bird. Certain that it shouldn't reach where it was going, they started pelting it with arrows. The owl revealed its supernatural intelligence, dodging and weaving the arrows easily.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"How can you miss from that distance?"

Beastman archers heard their leader's call and moved into position to take shots. Fortunately on the other side of the bridge there was some confusion and the beastmen just ran around confused.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Dominant position. Chronomancy going on here, this pic was taken after the dog had attacked this archer (thus it is wounded). There is also an archer hiding behind the branches just above this guy.

Bargh and Raganhar dashed forward, tying down one archer in attempt to draw in the beastmen on the other side. Unfortunately the beastmen archers were freaking judo masters (rolling 20).
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"Shoulder chaaaaaarge!"
This shoulder charge meant that 2/4 beastmen on the other side of the river started running to the other side. The poop was about to strike the fan.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
The bird was dead. There was much rejoicing.
After many (many!) arrows, Hiro and Lilac manage finally to stop the stupid bird. They move in to support their friends who are in super serial(tm) trouble.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"Hello. My name is Hiro Steelwhiskers. You killed my father friend's friend. Prepare to die!"

They heard a yell from the other side of the river. A soldier was stumbling around, she had clearly seen better days. The two beastmen still milling around the camp charged in and cut her down before anyone could really react.

Conna the dog tried to sneak on the right side. After being spotted it tried to take down the beastman on the platform, but... judo masters.

Ben charged the archer hiding in the woods, after several rounds just managed to take the judo master down (having 3 HP left, also beastman rolling 20 once).

Whitefang tried to sneak the river from the left flank, but was spotted and shot by two beastman archers.

A huge melee erupted in the middle. The horrible beast from beyond the 'deep charged and whacked (rolling 20) Bargh several meters to leaning broken against the cliff wall very unconcious. Zahar hexed the creature, making it weaker. Raganhar, horrified, took his axe in two hands and drove it deep in to the creature's supposed head. It proved very effective, as the creature spasmed a few times and lay still (roll 19, use critical strike for crit and killing it in one hit).
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"Blackleaf Bargh noooo!"

Raganhar and Hiro stood side-by-side against the onslaught while Zarah retreated behind them, having taken an arrow right in the ass (again, 20). Battered and bruised, things seemed a little bit better than a few moments ago. Still, they were all wounded pretty bad.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"Why. Won't. They. Die!"

The last beastmen proved too much. Raganhar was the first to fall, charging the bridge and trying to push past the last bestial man. Hiro was quick to follow, being too exhausted to put up a proper fight. The archers pelted Zarah with arrows.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas

Lilac sneaked past the forest to the left flank and tried to shoot the archer to little result. The returning arrow caught grazed her head, leaving her feeling dizzy and not very valiant. She took a few shots, seeing the rangers go down ran to the forest making sure to cause a lot of noise so the beasts would follow her.

Ben, having moved over the ford to the camp picked up the treasure chest laying around and bolted towards Tor Varden. He was confident the rest would follow if they were able. If they weren't, then it would be all up him!
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"Be vewy vewy quiet...

The Rangers gathered on the other side of the river in a few hours. They needed to tend their wounds before moving forward. Bargh was in the worst shape, having been carried by Raganhar and Zarah to their makeshift camp (badly wounded). "We need better plans.", "Yeah, and better luck!"
The mood was dark. Things looked indeed bad here. Stranded behind enemy lines, no hope for help. Grim determination drove them forward, there was no turning back.


Whoa. The rangers formed a nice row, put out their hands and were handed nicely formed asses of their own. Talk about a beating! All rangers were unconcious. Well, everyone was unconcious except Lilac (1 HP) and Ben (3HP).

I wish I would have kept track on the combat rolls; it felt like we won maybe 30% of them. The beastman archers were nasty, doing huge damage with bows and being damned impossible to kill in close combat. I remember two archer rolled 20 in cc, one shot Zarah with a 20, and the ogre rolled 20 against Bargh.

On mission 1, it felt more that we lost to rolls of 13-17. Now it was mostly 16+, making the attacks devastating. Raganhar's 13 armor and 20 was all but paper (oh yeah, he got healed too in during the big mid melee). Ben wouldn't have survived without the Armor spell. Maybe a little bit more teamwork is needed moving forward. This scenario really showed the brutality of the d20.
There was some saltyness around the table directed at my dedicated 'bad guys' dice It started to be pretty hilarious when my gf changed dice (several times) and still lost pretty much every combat. Well, I found it hilarious.
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