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Curious Look at GeekBuddy Rankings

Bill Kunes
United States
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I recently added a few more GeekBuddies, a feature I have not fully leveraged to this point. I currently have 13 geekbuddies that fall into one of three categories:

spacer1) I game with them and they are on BGG
spacer2) They are local, or
spacer3) They seem to have similar tastes

I started looking at the Rankings functionality and wanted to see what do these buddies like that I currently do not own. Three of the 13 have very few to no games listed or ranked (mainly category 1) so that really only leaves 10 who will factor into the analysis. Therefore I queried with a requirment that at least half ranked the game. Here are the Top 10 and my initial responses:

1, Dominion: Prosperity - I've actually tried once. One of my gaming group buddies actually owns it. I would not rule it out at a future date. I'm still playing and learning Seaside at the moment.

2. Dominion: Intrigue - On my list and may possibly pick it up at Gen Con if I see the same deal that I passed on at Origins. I am mainly interested in adding the ability to play with more players.

3. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization - Not even on my radar. If I recall, it takes a few hours to play which would see minimal play time in my circle.

4. Wits & Wagers - I'm not a big party game fan. My brother has this and we played it on vacation. Not bad, but not my favorite kind of game.

5. 7 Wonders - A popular choice on BGG, but it doesn't really appeal to me. Ignorance is bliss?

6. Vikings - A surprise. I honestly didn't know much about this one. Not sure it interests me, or if I could easily find it if it did.

7. Pandemic - I like co-op games. I enjoy Forbidden Island, and would likely enjoy this one. The challenge I have is that not many of my gaming friends are co-op fans. I've also thought that I'd prefer to get Defenders of the Realm instead.

8. Crokinole - I actually got to try this for the first time at Origins. I can see the novelty of dexterity games, but if I were to play a flicking game, I'm more drawn to something like Pitch Car.

9. Small World - This was one of the games that really drew me into the hobby when I read about it on the internet. I ended up buying it as one of my first games. Ultimately, I played it a few times, but lost interest and was challenged to find others to play it so I traded it away for another copy of M44.

10. Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age - I think this plays faster than the boardgame at #3, which is more likely to end up in my collection. Just not sure I have an itch for this kind of game or not. Perhaps if I played it sometime.

Next I thought I'd take a look at what they like based on what I already have listed in my wishlist. This time I only looked for at least 3 rankings to appear on the list. Here are the 6 this query returned:

1. Dominion: Intrigue - The only one on the previous list.

2. YINSH - I enjoy an occasional abstract game and this seems to be a widedly loved game amongst abstract fans and my GeekBuddies.

3. Biblios - This one shows up regularly on various threads and geeklists over the years and plays well with 2p. I could see picking this one up if I came across it and was in the right mood at the time.

4. Lords of Waterdeep - Hot right now. I enjoy Euro, worker placement games. Caylus and El Grande appeal to me but apprently play better with more people which can be a challenge for me to get it to the table often enough. This seems to be a more scalable game to meet that itch.

5. Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game - I like a good co-op and this one sounds like a lot of fun. The challenge again is getting my gaming circle interested and getting it to the table. I think this one has potential to break into the group to take the plunge.

6. Alien Frontiers - I've had my eye on this one for some time. My family and I enjoy playing Kingsburg so they might like this one as well. The expansions for it sound interesting. My only concern is that it may be too similar to Kingsburg, that perhaps Troyes might be more different and certainly offers more depth thus a better choice.

I'm looking forward to tinkering with the GeekBuddies functionality more in the future. Have you any insightful uses of this feature that I might find interesting? If so, please comment.

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