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Jackals: The Fall of the Children of Bronze from Osprey Game

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Allen Park
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Benji here from Osprey Games (purveyors of some of the finest RPGs that the hobby has to offer). We are incredibly close to the release of our new roleplaying game from John-Matthew DeFoggi; Jackals: Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying. Publishing next week on May 27th, it is the follow-up to the successful Jackals: Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying which came out earlier this year. With its unique setting and beautiful artwork, it’s a fantasy RPG like to no other.

I’m excited to be sharing the release of the game with the public next week, but before they get their hands on it I’m reaching out to the most important and well-spoken voices in the RPG industry for their thoughts!

If you’d be interested, I love to send you over a pdf copy of both Jackals and Jackals: The Fall of the Children of Bronze to get you started. I also now have review copies available, so once you’ve get yourself hooked in the world of bronze age roleplaying, I can send you over a hardback copy to uncover its ancient secrets for yourself.

The creator J-M DeFoggi has crafted a densely-woven world that I can’t wait for you to explore. The epic campaign spans 14 adventures, uncovering some of the setting’s greatest secrets. Jackals: The Fall of the Children of Bronze, expands the sword & sorcery setting across the vibrant and dynamic ancient far east, utilising the OpenQuest d100 system and its accessible mechanics.

Here’s a little taster from the book…

The Zaharets, the land between the Vori Wastes and the Plains of Aeco, is well-known as the Land of Risings. Dominated by the rising city-states of Ameena Noani and Sentem, facing each other along the great War Road, the Zaharets has always been home to powerful civilizations. Beastmen ruins dot the landscape, a constant reminder of the Kingdom of Sin and the fragility of the Law of Men. Even older are the great ruins of the Hulathi, the legendary sea peoples, and the Hannic mansions sealed beneath the mountains, awaiting those who would seek out the Lost Folk. Scars abound from the wars between ruined Keta in the north and Gerwa in the south. And, far to the east, the legends of Muadah still beckon occultists and Jackals who seek to plunder its corrupted ruins.

Inspired by the myths, cultures, and history of the Ancient Near East, and by such ancient texts as the Iliad, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Old Testament, Jackals is a Sword & Sorcery roleplaying game set in a Fantasy Bronze Age. With mechanics based on the popular OpenQuest system, the game places players in the role of Jackals – adventurers, explorers, sellswords, and scavengers – and sends them out into the peril-filled land of the Zaharets to make their fortune… or perhaps fulfill a greater destiny…

I’ll be in touch with pdf copies of the book along with some cover art for you to take a look at. I know you’re going to love it, and I hope your viewers and readers will too. If you have any questions or need any additional materials please don’t hesitate to email me. You can always find us online at @OspreyGames and find more about Jackals on the Osprey Games website. There, you’ll find some behind-the-scenes blog articles about Jackals that J-M has been writing, as well as more about the game’s setting itself.

That’s all from me for now. Please let me know if you’d like to see a physical copy (and if you need the original Jackals!) and I look forward to speaking with you.
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