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I play Shadows of Brimstone by myself (since my wife doesn't like it), and I set up a campaign system for myself which mainly consists of rules for hero rotation and town engagement (see This blog will try to describe the games so far and the coming games. Forbidden Fortress has been with me for a while, and the characters are coming along nicely. Brimstone Adventures is next, I don't quite know yet how to incorporate the northerners, the conquistadors and the Trederrans into this campaign system, but I will think of something. If you like, feel free to contact me about the games or comment the blog.
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Hi folks, something new. First of all, thanks to all who read and sometimes commented on this. It's greatly appreciated.

Second, I decided for reasons that were mentioned in past posts to discontinue this blog and the underlying experiment in the current form.

Going through all the quests in the books (up until the point I reached with the Lost Army) led me to these conclusions (my opinion of course, YMMV):

The game is great for what it does best, pitting the heroes against random events, monsters and maps. What you need is a mechanism to decide when to go into the final fight and when to declare the mission won, since it's already clear when it's lost.

For that purpose, finding the third clue and having a showdown with an Epic enemy is more than enough. All the other rules and ways there are in published scenarios to determine a scenario and its winning conditions - to me personally - just make the game more complicated and don't add a lot to it, not enough in fact to justify the extra mental workload.

Since my time with SoB is limited due to work and family, I simply don't want to go on playing things that are just more complicated and not more fun. There are exceptions with some scenarios that make for more fights (I like that, for example those where you get monsters coming from all directions and you have to just survive) or have some original special rule, but to my mind these are rare and not worth it all (see above).

So, I'm going now with a format of my own: I use a die-roll to determine one of three starting worlds (with a slant towards the mines because there is so much material of that world, especially artifacts which would otherwise be practically missing from the game), and play until the first gate, adding a gate to the first clue as in the standard exploration missions for other worlds. Then there is a second die-roll for the world on the other side which is a complicated d100 scale of my own invention, giving preference to the mines first, then the fortress and then the others in about equal measure. This just fits my personal taste. The second clue in the other world will trigger the final Epic fight as usual. The reward will just be 50 XP, 100 XP if there were Brutal enemies. My heroes don't need extra money or dark stone rewards. The town visited will be determined by majority of characters since I will oontinue to use my own catchup mechanism of forming parties.

My heroes are level 5 now, getting them to level 8 will require about 150 more playing sessions. And then there are the extra heroes from the SoB kickstarter and the new incoming heroes from adventures.. I figure it will be impossible to explore all the possible character concepts. Pity. I plan to write a theoretical piece analyzing the different combos of starting bonuses and top tier skills for each character. If I find the time.

I may write here again if something interesting pops up, the current game session following the new rules above started in the canyons and went on to the Blasted Wastes! :-)

As always, have fun playing and feel free to comment here or contact me about anything Brimstone.

Again, a big thank you to those who subscribed here and commented on the posts, it's been a great encouragement. It's much more fun to write things that way.

Bye for now.
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