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Painting - C:DMD Tcho Tcho

Ville E
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Well, I think we can all agree that if I'm not good at something it's commiting to a schedule on a hobby project. And singing. To my defence (which I really need, mostly against myself so I don't get to whip myself [except as a reward]) IT IS SUMMER! It has been so warm so some of my gaming time has been devoured by the sun. Sun, I have missed you my friend. Maybe grinding out the RoSD terrain and models left me a little burned out, but I got to painting once again and it didn't make me wanna puke, so maybe I'll get back to it again!

What did I paint? I painted Tcho Tcho.... Multiple Tchos Tchos? Tcho Tchii?
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas

So yeah, speedpaint-ish job, which looks fine. I had some trouble with the contrast paint adhering (kinda like release agent type problem), which I didn't have with the heroes. in the end I had to use Vallejo+conttrast mix to get anything to stick even lightly... I like the skin color I mixed, the brown ones (I made for variance) is a bit meh. Even though there are some well defined (a bit too much defined tbh) muscles, the models seem a bit bland with 1 color and would really benefit from some different color (in the belly for example) blending.
Still need to paint the edge of the base black and then they're 100% done.

About the bases. It's the first time I tried this and I really liked it. It is spackle mixed with some fine sand and small decoration stones (and brown paint, which I need more next time). Then I just painted the ground brown (which I'd like to skip with more color in the mix) and stones grey. Added few splotches of flock and a tuft in each one. Looks nice, was pretty quick and simple. And of course spackle makes it hard as stone, so there shouldn't be any flacking of the stones at least.

So the reason I suddenly painted these out of my DMD and not investigators / cultist / anything that is used more is: RoSD. Upcoming scenario may or may not need a flesh golem and one of these guys is gonna get the honor.

In general I haven't played that much in the last 4-8 weeks. We've managed to pretty much keep our regular D&D schedule and I've continued 7th Continent playing (just started Bloody Hunt). But outside of those it's been pretty minimal. I'm hoping that I'd manage to squeeze a bit more in, but I'm not really sure where to get the time... Oh well, maybe in the fall. Or winter. Or spring. Or next summer.
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