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The Thursday Thing #7, August 12, 2021

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Allen Park
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That's probaby some crap over there.
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The Thursday Thing might be a new feature depending on how people feel about it. The goal of The Thing is to highlight contests and other interesting things on RPG Geek.

Suggestions for specific topics or new topics are welcome.

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Secret Cthanta
by Bifford

When RPGGeek sprung into being in 2009 from out of the depths of BGGeek they also pulled across the Christmas Gift Exchange. Marqos started things running and within 3 (of 5) pages it was given its own identity, the persona "Cthanta Claus" was born, with Cthanta Claus being the sock-puppet account one could use to taunt others with. There has been a loose pulp horror theme ever since, with Cthanta, his cultists and minions taunting users each year, but no one is forced to don that persona.

BTW: Cthanta's very first (public) words were......."You too cutie." hahaha (Auntie Olive would turn in her....nest....)

Marqos ran the Cthanta exchange from 2009 to 2014, and did a great job. He decided to step down, and I stepped up. It's had its hickups, with selfish users taking gifts while not giving. Thankfully RPGGeek has a beautiful set of users, some of whom step up each year as 'Dread Angels', to give that little bit extra and provide extra gifts for those found unworthy by the great Cthanta (let down by their appointed giver). My logistical process of vetting, stalking and messaging users to ensure trustworthiness, as well as noting who has sent and received, has improved year on year and has made things easier to track and therefore less stressful.

For the past few years I've thought about hanging up my tentacles and passing the baton onto another, but each year I come back and decided "maybe just once more". While it takes up to 4 or 5 hours to set up each year (and that after spending 3 or 4 hours on an updated banner image) it is worth it to see users give and receive plus enjoy the giving as much as the receiving.

For me, the best part is dishing out GG to the posts on the "Look What Cthanta Claus Sent Me" Geeklist, as well as compiling the data into a "Gift List", showing which items are the most popular in each year.

We have never cracked the 50 user mark in the Cthanta Exchange. Maybe this year?

From gallery of sdonohue

This week saw the end of the 24 Hour Cartography Contest and now it's time to vote. This might be the easiest 24 hour contest vote you'll ever cast -- there are 9 maps on 1 page each, so reading isn't the chore it sometimes is. To make your voice heard and see all the entries, check out: 2021 24 Hour RPG Cartography Contest - VOTING CLOSED.

A double dose of new this week as the 2019 (no, that's right) Memorial Random Table project has shifted from choosing a theme to populating the table. If you've got some ideas (at least one, not more than three) for Random Thing Raised from the Dead!, please go here and suggest them: The Great 2019 Memorial Random Table Project (Happening now - August 2021!). All ideas accepted.

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The only thing better than a Panzer-Attack session report might be one of his reviews. Check out this review of a hybrid item:
Rangers of Shadow Deep. Not an RPG But Still A Good Time.

From gallery of sdonohue

The pickings were a little slim for session reports this week (which is to say, everyone should write more!) This one by alhazared was fun to read.
Trouble in Somerlisse: Part 9 - The Denizens of Denecar Bog

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Every day there's a newQuestion of the Day. Most of them are game-related but once in a while we get one that'a more geek-related like favorite movies or books. The question changes every day and you can even suggest a QOTD. When you check out this week's Question of the Week, you can see a link to all the old questions and the chance to suggest a question of your own. Here's this week's QOTD:
QOTD AUG 6: What was the kindest act you witness a PC perform during a session? Why did they do what they did?
(I confess to being a sucker for stories of kindness)

From gallery of sdonohue

This geeklist tends to get traffic in waves, but it's still a fun one to check in on once in a while even if it is almost 9 years old.
The Many Names of Gamemasters

From gallery of sdonohue

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