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As the name hints expect; random boring gaming related content, pictures of horrible painting / terrain crafting, AARs (with pictures hopefully), impressions of the games I own and very irregular (hopefully monthlyish) updates. Hopefully.
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Things done during the summer (and a return to neglected blog) part 1

Ville E
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Salutations! Sorry for the dissapearance to all who pretend to be interested in reading this.... I planned to make a "paused for summer' post, but it seems I forgot.

We had this rare thing called summer in Finland past two months or so. Of course, it promptly ended when my vacation started. Well, no bad feelings about playing board games then.
The blog has been on a little hiatus due to great weather we had during June and July. As I said, it naturally got colder and more wet like a day after my vacation started. I didn't really play much (or paint or do anything indoor related) during the better period we had. Well, of course I did, but it was mostly 30-60 mins here and there for like 1-2 times a week, not much to show progress for.

Let's start by saying the next ROSD scenario has been played (with notes this time, so maybe my AAR will make sense for a change). I've yet to find time/inspiration to write AAR and upload the pictures.

A great deal of my gaming time has been taken by Arkham Horror: The Card Game. I've had the core for like 3-4 years. I was about to sell it when my gf said she'd like to try it. I'd played the thing like 1,5 times previously and found it interesting but not much more than that. We played it, she liked it, I liked it too. After a short thinking period, I ordered the Dunwich cycle (which was fully available). We played it from start to finish, having some highs and lows during the campaign. But all in all the end result was that now I also have the Path to Carcosa Cycle.

A little bit of my time was spend doing some QoL stuff for AHLCG. I made connectors to from location to location (which turned out to be almost neccessary as the connecting-icon-system can be difficult to decipher). I also made simple player boards with room for all the tokens you need during the game. And lastly I made an encounter deck holder. All are made from foamcore / xps foam and painted with a black / lacquer combo.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas

I made some scatter walls. These are actually stripped from an xps insert I made for Shadows Over Normandie. I just drew the lines for the bricks, gluegunned them onto some extra cardboard punchouts (from other games of course). The base has a filler-rock-sand combo coating.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
I only used two colors on top of the black-lacquer - darker grey with a lighter grey drybrush. I have to finish the bases, paitining the rocks, making the dirt dirtier and adding some flock.

Me and my friend have still continued out 1-4 times a month The 7th Continent playthrough. We're currently at the Bloody Hunt. It's a difficult game to talk about online, since pretty much everything is a spoiler. And especially anything cool is a spoiler. I'm pretty sure I've played way over 100h of it (I'd guesstimate around 150ish), but there's still stuff we're discovering in the areas we've been through many times.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas

I tried newly arrived Z War One: Exodus. The first impressions are optimistic. I will post impressions in part 2 with some pictures. When I got it, I thought the models look really small. But when put next to Z:I, they size fine. If the base was twice as thick, they're stand pretty much equal height.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas

I also got to try Kingdomino very recently. Also a game of Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps. Maybe the part 2 will be impressions bonanza.
But now, I'm apparently off to paint a fence. And I don't even own a fence...
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