East Indies Campaign

Campaign: Suffren v. Hughes The British send Admiral Sir Edward Hughes to the East Indies to advance their war against Hyder Ali, the Sultan of Mysore. To hinder those plans, the French send a fleet ultimately under the command of the Admiral Pierre-André de Suffren Saint-Tropez. The result is a string of naval battles that will determine the control of the East Indies.
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Campaign rules & Optional Rules

Mark McG
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Optional Rules (as per the Deluxe Rulebook)
4.1 End of the World
4.5 Defensive Fire
4.7 Awash ships
4.9 Short Sails
4.10 Men of Iron
4.11 Manpower losses
4.12 Turn in Succession

Initiating a Tow
Moving ship must attempt to grapple the ship to be towed in it’s movement activation.
The stern of the towing ship must be adjacent to the bow to the towed ship.
Grappled roll Success on 0-4 (50/50).
A successful grapple immediately stops the active ship
Note: this is just like normal grappling, except stern to bow rather than side to side.

In the following movement phase, the towing ship can move normally, using 1 less MP. Towed ship must follow the path of the lead ship.
The towed ship moves simultaneously, with it’s bow hex entering the hex the tow ship’s stern just vacated, and the towed ship stern entering the hex that the towed ships’ bow just vacated.
Towing ships cannot use pass along or pass through movement.
Towed ships drift simultaneously, but only if the tower is drifting. Towed ships do not drift.

Towed ship fire normally, and may fire on the same MP expenditure of the towing ship. Towing and towed ships are targetted separately, with raking dependent on LOS.

Struck and Captured ships can be towed, but must roll for sinking if they move. If they sink, remove the grapple with no impact on the towing ship.
Towed ships can be grappled by enemy normally, except that being dismasted is not alone sufficient to allow grappling.

Releasing a Tow
During the status phase, the tow can be voluntarily cut. Remove the grapple marker.

On a 0 roll for wind change, a subsequent 0 decreases the wind force by 1 strength, and a 5 increases the wind force by one strength

From gallery of Minedog3

Becalmed – ships can move 1 MP only. Wearing or tacking costs 1 MP. (reflects ship's boats towing the ship)
Stormy – Same as Breezy with the following additions. No Full Sail. All Firepower is reduced by 8.

Becalmed <-> Calm <-> Moderate <-> Breezy <-> Stormy

Whenever a moving ship passes through the same hex as another ship, roll for Collision.
If fouled, movement immediately ends and place a Fouled marker.

Campaign Rules (Variant)
- by way of explanation, after the first scenario we found the situation was that one side had 0 VP whilst the other had 2 VP, and damage bills to refit the ships far in excess of what those VP could purchase, let alone bring in reinforcements.
We also had some reservations about the scenario length, partly the standard breakoff roll which can produce some short scenarios, but especially the campaign rule which allowed ships more than 10 hexes away to withdraw. In theory this meant that the leader could simply decline battles and win the campaign.

So after some interesting discussion and suggestions, we adopted these campaign rules, which we are refining. We inverted the Campaign rules, in that repairs give VP to the opponent, rather than reduce your own stock. We also added a manpower replacement cost to cover Optional rule 4.11

VP Count
Calculate Victory Points as usual without audacity multipliers.
Additionally, repairs give the opponent VP. As will be seen, this can really differentiate the results when damage is accummulating on the fleet.
Repair Costs
8 hull = 1 VP
10 Rigging = 1 VP
4 manpower = 1 VP

added few combo options, to economise the VP use.
4 hull + 5 rigging = 1 VP
2 man + 5 rigging = 1 VP
2 man + 4 hull = 1 VP

Any excess is lost

Scenario Length:
Use scenario game turns as listed in scenario books to determine scenario end. Break checks are not use. Even if the fleets completely disengage, play out the turns unless both players agree to end the scenario.

Reinforcements arrive automatically according to the Scenario schedule. No die roll required. No need to spend VP. Reinforcement tables are ignored.
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