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Rangers of Shadowdeep - Mission 2: scenario 2

Ville E
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After their miserable exchange with the beastmen roaming the forest, our heroes were more careful when entering Tor Varden lower levels. All attempts of sneaking in were set aside when the rangers hear a scream from inside. There might be a life still to save in this forsaken place!

I forgot to take a picture of the table set up (I didn't take any pictures actually), so you'll get a version which is on the end side of the scenario:
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
The rangers enter from the far side and have to get to the other end. There's still about a third missing from the last room.

Barging into the tower, the rangers were facing a makeshift ritual chamber. A beastly shaman was chanting in a dark language, probably trying to animate the monster on the table in front of him.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"Get out, I'm growing humans here!"

Zahar took initiative and conjured a fireball. One of the beastmen used the other one as a shield, getting out unscathed while his companion perished. Raganhar leaped at the standing beastman, slicing him in two with one blow. Hiro danced around the combat with feline grace, but didn't manage to hit the shaman. Braying wildly, the shaman attacked the dwarf but only lightly scraped him with his axe.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"I'll curse you foul dwarf, you'll never grow as tall as a human!"

Zahar circled around and whacked the shaman on the back of the head with his staff. Feeling it's conciousness escaping, the shaman uttered a dark curse, poisoning Raganhar just before Hiro drove his sword through it's heart.

The other caught up and the party raced through the room to the other end, spurred by screams from deeper in the structure. Pausing only to dispel the poison running through Raganhar's veins.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"You're so slow even when you're healthy, we can't have any of that..."

The next room turned out to be a storage area. Finding a total of 5 beasts including a chieftain.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"You'll never take our barrels!"

Zahar stopped after opening the door, she conjured a bone arrow but missed the beastman. Hiro ducked under her line of fire and shot at the neared beastie, missing ("My bow is broken, I swear!"). One beastman charged Hiro, but with ease Hiro sidestepped the blow and cut the beast with his own sword. The other didn't see Hiro behind the shelf and ran towards the door. Ben engaged the charging beastman, but missed and got gored. Laughing at danger, Bargh the barbarian charged forward. Unfortunately his recent wounds proved more fatal than he let everyone believe and instead of mighty swipe with his axe, he managed a meekly whimper and collapsed in front of the beastman, who was thankful for the opportunity and whacked Bargh on the back of the head, taking him out instantly. Lilac took aim, and shot a distant beastman in the throat, making him stop being a threat (crit). Conna the dog jumped the beastman fighting with Hiro, ripping out it's throat in turn.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Mid-room melee.

Zahar invoked a quickness spell on Raganhar, giving him a chance to keep up. With sudden lightness in his step, Raganhar dashed forward and threw his axe at the nearest beastman, wounding him. Hiro slashed left and right being distacted by the sight of his companion Whitefang being cut down. Ben joined the melee along with the chieftain. On the other side of the room, Lilac stabbed the wolfkiller with her dagger.

Zahar repositioned, trying to conjure a bone arrow to throw at the beastman, but fumbled the spell, trying to command her dog at the same time. Raganhar cut down the beastman that was fighting Lilac. Furious, Hiro took out his anger on the beastman chieftain, ripping it to shreds (frienzied attack, total 27!).
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas

The other beastman kicked Conna in the chin, making him whimper and retreat out of the tower (dead-ish). Ben tried to defend Conna, but the beastman found a weak spot in his armor, cutting him deeply (for 10). On the other side of the room, Lilac spotted a treasure chest and ran towards it.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas

Zahar and Raganhar scrambled to help Ben, who managed with their distraction to slay the remaining beast. He started limping forward, still going towards the next room where there were occasional screams. Hiro was already near to door when the last beastman's corpse hit the ground.

Zahar and Raganhar ran towards the next door. Hiro was already there, expecting more beastmen. To his horror, the door he opened lead to a newly converted torture chamber. The worse thing was there were demons inside! An efreet was playing with a prisoner, while two imps were standing nearby laughing maniacly.
From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
While moving for the shadows behind a bookcase, Hiro shot one of them in the back. The imps tried to find the pesky archer, moving in the opposite direction. Seeing the door open, the efreet stopped it's cruel game and snapped his prisoner's neck. There was no hiding from his superior senses, as it moved straight to meet Hiro on the other side of the shelves.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas

Lilac took aim and shot an imp through the temple (crit!). Ben decided he was too wounded to take on demons and instead ran to secure another treasure chest.

Zahar moved in the room, casting a protective charm on Hiro. Raganhar tried his best to keep up, failing miserably with his stubby legs. Hiro, having again a little faith in his archery skill took aim at the efreet. His aim was true, but the arrow had turned into ash before it ever reached the efreet. The efreet floated confidently towards Hiro swearing to burn all the rangers into ash (no damage done). The remaining imp charged Zahar , only to be hit in the head with a staff. Ben and Lilac joined the fight and brought the demon down together.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Zahar dashed towards the efreet, chanting old invocation of the nature gods. Finishing the spell just as she reached the demon, she lightly touched it with her staff banishing the creature back to the hells for now (crit!).
The lower levels were secured! Looking at the stairs, everyone knew it wasn't over yet...


This was a nice scenario. Downsides were the rooms, being rather large they need a big table. I couldn't fit them in the L-shape that was proposed in the book. Next time I'll maybe make the rooms more irregular and hopefully can get interesting results that way (and maybe a little less long bottom floor).
The difference between the rooms was pretty big. I mean the difficulty. The first room was a cakewalk, the second had almost twice as many opponents and the last one was rather easy too. Personally, I wouldn't have minded if the rooms got progressively harder (ie. room 2 +1 gnoll, room 3 +2 gnolls or something). But I guess it's pretty hard to balance anything with the swingy d20.
Also, having 3 rooms you'll need quite a lot of terrain. And something to represent the room walls. I could have used some more..
But all those things aside, it was fun! There was generally less saltyness towards the dice this time
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