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The Thursday Thing #11, September 9, 2021

United States
Allen Park
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That's probaby some crap over there.
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The goal of The Thing is to highlight contests and other interesting things on RPG Geek.

Obviously, the banners and The Thursday Thing are still evolving, but I think the banners are getting better every week as we replace my "art" with Patrick's.

Suggestions are still welcome.

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On 'The Industry'
Hida Mann

I'm not sure if understanding has grown or not over time, but no-one gets into making games for the money. The best and worst thing about the game industry is the passion that everyone brings to it.

In 2012, I was a very active member of the RPGG community (and BGG, and VGG, for that matter). Then I quit my job teaching literature and history and opened a game store and all my spare time just vanished. On paper, running a store and teaching take about the same amount of time; both have a core 5 days a week, both have take home work which adds invisibly to the time spent on work each week. But with a store, every spare second you have has to be reinvested into the community. The first year completely burnt me out - on reflection, I think I had a serious mental episode that took me years to bounce back from. My hobbies vanished from my life in service to the time needed to do those extra promotions, demos, planning, learn new skills about business and marketing...

And in some ways, it paid off. In 2016, I was offered a job as the brand manager for a chain of stores, helping them all to replicate the successes I found in mine. This was very good for me, as I was getting a salary, had more consistent hours and the bargaining power of 25 stores behind me, where previously I was trying to do it all alone. There were challenges, to be sure, but things slowly returned to normal on a personal level. Bridges were mended and I was able to approach normality again, but I still didn't find much time to come hang out on the 'Geek, because the expectations of my new role were 25 times bigger than they had been, and I had to work around the schedules of 25 other people.

In 2019, I was offered another job in the industry, working for someone who I was friends with, who offered me pay equal to the time I put into my work and opportunities beyond that which I'd ever had a store, or representative of many stores. He also told me not to keep working after I'd put in a full week and encouraged me to find some time for myself and my family. The business is international, so I could keep my own hours as well, knowing that I'd be able to get work done late or early or anywhere inbetween. This was all quite a revelation. I now have time to write these columns for Steve (most weeks) and do more than look up the hotness or promote something I'm working on. Feels good. I doubt I'll ever get back to being as deep in the community as I was way back when, but I'm feeling a lot more connected now than I have in years.

Passion drives us to our highest highs and our lowest lows. This industry, the games we love, it's all built on passion and love. Next time you watch a stream, or go to a con, or even visit your FLGS (especially when you visit your FLGS), buy the people making/running doing that thing a coffee and give them a smile. Trust me, they're working for it.

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AlbaCon 2021 - An online, charity focused RPG Convention.

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Bryce gives us a review of s self-published adventure by fellow user Merric
A solid concept stumbling on delivery ... as is usual, it seems.
PS: I don't speak French, but if you do, Vermer is writing a lot of reviews in French lately.

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Moscamye brings us a session of 1000 Year Old Vampire: My Favourite Vampire - Radminka - who became a pacifist and a god of blood

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Every day there's a new Question of the Day. Most of them are game-related but once in a while we get one that'a more geek-related like favorite movies or books. The question changes every day and you can even suggest a QOTD. When you check out this week's Question of the Week, you can see a link to all the old questions and the chance to suggest a question of your own. Here's this week's QOTD:
QOTD SEP 8: What is the most number of different RPGs that you have played over a weekend (Fri-Sun)? What is the most number of different RPGs that you have played during a game convention?

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