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The Y160 variant of "Lone Gray Wolf" was the last thing on the group's docket for that year, so we're advancing to the next year in the SFU timeline.

Here's the summary of the year:

Post-TOS: The initial scenarios for SFB tend to be set in the 5-year missions of a couple Federation heavy cruisers that happen right after Enterprise's famous five-year mission.

The Four Powers War: The Klingons and Lyrans, after doing well become increasingly stymied by new technologies: Hydran deployment of hellbore torpedoes (which are exceptionally dangerous against Klingon ships), and Kzinti fighters, which allow for sudden, large drone waves.

SH1 (BS) Sabotage Federation Klingon
SH7 (AM) Rescue the Hostages Federation Klingon
SH54 (S1) ...And Settle Their Hash Klingon Kzinti
SL157 (CL17) The Fog of War, The Frenzy of Space Hydran Lyran

Two of these scenarios feature USS Kongo (NCC-1710) on its five-year mission (also seen in "Coming of the Meteor" last year).

SH1 Sabotage is another very early scenario, and possibly a good 'training' scenario for a new Klingon captain, but I don't see how it should be balanced, and I'm currently planning on skipping it.

SH7 Rescue the Hostages looks more interesting, though base battles often go a bit sideways for us. It's also another early scenario that looks like a possible TOS plot.

SH57 ...And Settle Their Hash is the first scenario to really cover the Four Powers War in a bit. A Kzinti drone bombardment mission is interrupted by a Klingon squadron. Victory conditions are the usual... but the Kzintis can get a bonus for continuing the bombardment mission. Should be very interesting.

SL157 The Fog of War, The Frenzy of Space is a huge fleet battle, and Patch looked at it and said, 'no way'. Then I started reading through the terrain effects (supernova!), and he started saying, 'okay, I've got to see this...'. So, yes, we'll get to this one.

Tholian Web strength is now rated at 1.5 times the energy put in (instead of 1.0). In-universe, it's the Tholians getting some of their old galaxy tech back; out-universe, it's a balance for the fact that ship speeds and energy are starting to go up.

Naval developments:
Kzinti AS
Lyran HDD

Fighters: The Kzinti develop the Attack Shuttle as a small weapons platform with some help from the Hydrans. It does have some advantages over a regular shuttle (such as being able to do a HET), but the ship its based off of has to provide all the tracking for the two drones it's carrying, making it something of a piloted reusable scatterpack.

Heavy Variant: The Lyrans apply their new larger center section to the DD, beefing it up to about the size of a light cruiser. A few of the HDD and HFF are kept into the General War period.
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