Memoirs of an Action 52 Programmer

In which I chronicle my memories of working on Action 52.
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I'm a Thousand Year old Vampire

Albert Hernandez
United States
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So there's this really great paper solo RPG called Thousand Year Old Vampire. In it, you play the role of a vampire living through the ages. As you play the game, you write down memories that help develop the story. All is great but after generations of living, you start to forget old memories. People that were once pivotal in your life or unlife start to fade away. This is done in the game by crossing out those memories for you journal. It's a pretty darned cool concept and makes for a great game.

I'm finding this more relevant right now as I try to remember details about working on Action 52. There are things I have completely for gotten, like the code and other details that I remember but not very clearly, like the timeline. Some things I'm able to piece together. Others are lost forever.

An interesting one is the timeline of when I worked on Action 52. I've said before that it was probably 1989 or so when I worked on it and I worked on it for 18 months total. How much of this can I really figure out? Before working on that project, I worked at LensCrafters. After leaving the project, I went back to LensCrafters. Unforunately, I no longer have any paperwork showing the dates for any of this. I sure as heck didn't have a LinkedIn account back then. I can figure something out.

1. I worked on the project before I turned 21. I know this because a friend, that I met when I was back at LensCrafters the second time around, gave me a fake ID. It was only about a month before I turned 21 so around Dec 1990.

2. We used to listen to a lot of music at work. We listened to lots of industrial, techno and electronic music. We also listened to more eclectic things. One album I specifically remember listening to is Bugs Bunny on Broadway.

Well darned, I just checked Wikipedia and a few other sources. According to them, the album was released on January 29, 1991. That means I was already 21 when I was working on that game. Actually, I was 22. This really bugs me. I was sure I was younger. I haven't given this much thought over the years and just took my memory for granted.

That also means a lot of my other assumptions are wrong. That is to say, everything in in this blog is to be taken with a grain of salt. Memories are not infallible and bits will disappear only to return slightly differently years later.

Hopefully I get more right than I get wrong.

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