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Reports, thoughts and uploads of gaming-sessions I've been part of. I aim to post at the start of every week, but sometimes life comes in the way.
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Week 37

Oliver Jensson
Stockholm County
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Tuesday 14th
Carcassonne - 1 play @ 2 players
The first game to be played in our new apartment became the first we played in our previous one, this time featuring more content! We used all of Carcassonne: Expansion 1 – Inns & Cathedrals, most of Carcassonne: Expansion 2 – Traders & Builders, the entire river (with a custom set of rules), most tiles from Carcassonne: Expansion 5 – Abbey & Mayor and Carcassonne: Expansion 8 – Bridges, Castles and Bazaars as well as Bridges. This is probably our preferred setup, especially by reducing the number of ordinary meeples to counteract the number introduced.

SO started initiated by building a single big city, heavily assisted by the master builder meeple, and making good use of the wagon-meeple while I scrambled to do something worthwhile and made good use of the bishop. I met the unfortunate fate of pulling a cathedral tile with only SO's city available for placement and started to invest my resources into sharing the points from it, while also starting a big city of my own. SO managed to cut my access to their city off, and took a massive lead (~60 points) by scoring it. While the focused remained on SO's city, I managed to continue building my own, and retain majority. After drawing another cathedral and scoring it, I closed the gap and even made some headway by scoring 72 points.

The later parts of the game devolved into building smaller cities in order to rack up massive points for our respective farmers, with the both of us maximising the usage of our wagons. In the end our scores were tallied to a ~7% difference in scores at 267-250 (Me-SO), which felt pretty close and fair! Good first session in the new apartment!

Summary and thoughts
It felt really nice to finally have a session played in our new home. As of writing this we still lack a proper table to play on, but we just got a coffeetable for our living room! I feel really stoked about all this and really look forward to an actual table to play on. We're at the moment trying to find something on second hand, but have as of yet not had any luck in finding something we're happy with.

We do have a gamenight planned for the coming friday as well as monday the fourth, but we'll see how that develops. Our friend who wanted to play on Friday was sick last time we were supposed to meet up, and it's still all in limbo.
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