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I will be posting monthly recaps of my gaming which I used to do in GeekLists, but it has been a long, long time since that was he norm. I'll also be commenting on games on occasion, though I can tell you that I will be behind the curve because I just don't get to play the new games as soon as some people do.
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Games Played in July 2012

Bobby Warren
United States
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La cheeserie!
July was a busy month. I drove up to Denver for most of a week to help a couple of friends who had surgeries. One a couple of weeks before I got there and one while I was there. Luckily, they enjoy playing games and Kris was even ready to play something a short time after getting to her hospital room. Since games are a well-known cure for anything, she was discharged that day and we played games while she was recovering at home.

I've also played a lot of Summoner Wars on the iPad/iPhone this month. It really is a terrific game for asynchronous play and it's another great implementation by Playdek.

On the alea challenges front, I did get one more game played in the medium box line and another in the big box line.

I also picked up a painted Gatorman army for Hordes this month. I really need to play it again and now I have 33 painted points which can be scaled to 25 or 35 points with little effort.

I played 23 different games a total of 70 times with four of them being new to me and seven of them being games I played in June. I played six expansions a total of 21 times with one of them being new to me and three of them were played last month.

Here are the games I played in July.

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: New to me

A quicker, trimmed-down version of Agricola which is a pretty darned good two-player game.

Alea Iacta Est
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 6/11

I have been wanting to play this again and thought it would be a good game to teach to Dave and Kris. They seemed to like it, and Dave wanted to play again but I was done playing it after one play. I wasn't in the best of moods when we played, but I think playing this just once a year, or so, is enough.

Playing it allowed me to check this one off the Alea Medium Box Challenge.

Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 7/11

Always fun to play.

Dave said he always wanted to try a strategy of not buying anything the first round and just collecting money and the go on a buying frenzy. I know Patty tried that once and almost won, though I don't know how well it would work in a three-player game. I suspect the other two players, or just one of them, might get too big a point a lead to overcome.

Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 11/11

Expansion Played: The River II in one game.

Normally I wouldn't record electronic games, but these were face-to-face playings against Christa while we were in line at the movies using my iPad. It is like we played the game, but we used the iPad to track everything instead of the cardboard. There was even real-time trash talk.

Carcassonne: The Discovery
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 12/10

Dave and Kris never broke out their copy before we played it a couple of times while I was visiting. This is an underrated entry in the family which requires the players to pull a meeple off the board if they want to score full points for the scoring terrain. I believe the art of the game helped doomed it before it had a chance to shine.

Castles of Burgundy
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 5/12

Two games with Dave and Kris. She won one and I won one. Dave wanted to play again to try and get in the win column, but playing it twice in a row is enough for one day and we didn't get back to it before I left town.

D-Day Dice
Times Played: 6
Last Month Played: New to me

This is awesome! The original PnP game was turned in to a fantastic cooperative game.

Mike, Hilary and I played once on Friday night. The next day, Mike brought it along to the store and we played five more times. I was on eBay that night trying to track down a copy. I checked the status of my bids as I could while driving from Phoenix to Denver on Sunday, and managed to get a copy of everything that was available from someone who got their copy on Kickstarter. I paid a premium, but it is worth it to have all the maps. I can see playing this over and over again for a long, long time.

Dominant Species: The Card Game
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: New to me

Disappointing. I suspect every game will be different since you see so few of the cards in the deck. However, that also means that any player could be royally screwed by that randomness and not getting cards which can counteract their opponents' cards. We played with three players and it might work better with more, but I really don't care to try it again. I'd play if asked, but there are dozens of games I can think of right now which are better.

Elder Sign
Times Played: 7
Last Month Played: 6/12

Private Eye Joe Diamond led a couple of leggy dames through the dark bowels of Arkham as they battled a bunch of lugs which were trying to conjure some sort of giant lizard named Yig. After tasting some hot lead, the vermin scrambled back into their holes, or were put into freshly dug holes in the cemetery.

The next threat was met head on by drifter Ashcan Pete and his trusty pal, Duke, some explorer-type fella with a fedora and a whip, and the town shutterbug. Some extra-dimensional horror called Azathoth was champing at the bit to take a bite out of this world. Pete didn't hang around long enough to see it to the end as Doc Lee arrived to try and save him as he expired. The doc and the others finished off the plans of the evil cultists as Pete and the dog were set to rest.

Later in the month I taught the game to Dave and Kris and they ended up buying a copy. We played five times in two days, which is not quite as much as we played another cooperative game.

Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: New to me

Dave was looking for a game to use as an aide when teaching probabilities in class. He was thinking of Würfel Bohnanza, but that would be kind of expensive. Dave J. at Time Well Spent suggested this Sid Sackson design as a better alternative and while he was describing the game I decided I wanted a copy.

We played it that evening and were kind of disappointed in it as a game, though it would still work as a class activity. Thanks to the forums here I figured out I misread a rule and now I think it will be a much better game and I am looking forward to trying it out with the right rules.

The dice tower packaging is superfluous, and even interferes with playing the game because it makes the dice kind of hard for everyone to see. However, it still fits on a shelf just fine and will stand up to transport. So, for less that $20 it is a good buy and you can never have too many dice towers laying around.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Times Played: 13
Last Month Played: 5/12

Expansions Played: Urban Structures in six of the games.

Mike, Hilary, and I played a couple of games in the Brownstone. We lost the first time and beat the game the second time. We're all really looking forward to the dual-level expansion.

I also taught this to Dave and Kris and they really liked it, too. We played 11 games in the short time I was up there. And as a bonus, they ended up Kickstarting the new expansion to get the game and the expansions, which will hopefully help it along to the $100,000 level and the individual figures for the different roles.

Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 3/12

A great game to play when someone is in a hospital bed. It works nicely on the table and the person who is in the bed can easily roll the dice on the table.

Keltis: Das Würfelspiel
Times Played: 4
Last Month Played: 6/12

Another good hospital game. Dave and Kris liked it and I bought a copy for them when we went to Time Well Spent.

Kingdom Builder
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 6/12

This one didn't go over as well as most of the other games I introduced to Kris and Dave. I suspect this is partly because we played it late one evening before going to bed. After the one playing we never got around to playing it again.

Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 7/10

This is not as hard to explain as I remembered. I was daunted by the poor rules and memories of bad card translations, but Mike and I were able to explain it to Nico using mostly one of the aides in the files section and Mike skimming the rules. We had a great time with it and I was able to scratch one more game off the Alea Big Box Challenge.

Mystery Rummy: Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 3/12

Mike and I split a couple of games.

Have I complained enough about the card stock? I sure wish it would get reprinted on a less-rigid stock!

Nightfall: Coldest War
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 6/12

Expansion Played: Blood Country & Dark Rages for all games.

Mixing three expansions/versions together is a bit much. I am thinking about breaking these down like I did my Dominion expansions and just bring along a couple of sets each time I am going to play this. I'll likely keep the Avatars, the Moon phases, and the various starter decks and wounds in a separate box so we can use any of them at any time.

Times Played: 5
Last Month Played: 6/12

Expansions Played: Rise of the Demons & Quarmageddon for all games.

I suspect I'll stop counting the expansion plays for this sometime soon. They really artificially inflate the games played on the Geek. It's too bad there isn't a way to mark that certain things shouldn't be counted in your games played totals.

San Juan
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 3/12

A game I regularly play when I visit K&D.

I would much rather play this than it's descendant game, Race for the Galaxy, though I am eagerly awaiting the new expansion for it.

The Speicherstadt
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 6/12

Dave, Kris and I played this and Dave won. The biggest swing was us letting him get three Counting Houses. The last two came up very late when Kris and I both needed to claim a ship and neither of us fought him for one of them.

Star Trek Deck Building Game: The Next Generation
Times Played: 2
Last Month Played: 10/11

Jayson picked this up at a really cheap price at Barnes and Noble and wanted to play, so we did. I was on the only one who had played before and I had very little recollection of the game, other than I thought it was only okay. As we started, I recalled that Diplomacy was a must and managed to grab a couple of good cards which helped me jump to an early lead by getting a new ship. In this game, an early lead is almost insurmountable.

In the second game, we added a fourth player and Michael recreated what I did in the first game, though it took much longer to play. It was almost three hours for the two games and I hope it is the last time I play this, though I will if others want to.

Ticket to Ride
Times Played: 1
Last Month Played: 3/11

A live game of this SdJ winner with the old set with small cards.

Würfel Bohnanza
Times Played: 11
Last Month Played: 6/12

More delivering dice beans to fill orders, while stealing supplies from your neighbor's harvests.
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