Weekly session-reports

Reports, thoughts and uploads of gaming-sessions I've been part of. I aim to post at the start of every week, but sometimes life comes in the way.
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Week 39

Oliver Jensson
Stockholm County
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Wednesday 29th
Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure - 1 play @ 2 players
We managed to get the table over to our place by the help of a friend and decided that this'd be the first session on our new table! Through random distribution I got to play as Lenara and SO as D'Allan, we selected playing on the Sphinx board from Clank!: The Mummy's Curse.

SO got a dragon egg on the first minor secret claimed in the game and started using D'Allans' ability to remove Clank! straight away. This set the tone for the rest of the game, which featured SO generating an extraordinary amount of Clank!, with few noticeable repercussions.

I made use of mystic slide and another teleport card in order to get the Censer without much trouble and getting to skip first getting a key. Meanwhile, SO started generating gold, bought most of the items from the shop, and got two different artifacts.

I realised that I needed to get out immediately to have a chance at winning, and started making my way out. At this time SO still had ~24, to my ~15, cubes left outside of the bag and off the board.

I fell short of getting out by two rooms when the dragon took my last health away. As SO didn't have to hurry, they spent some time getting even more points through Secret Tomes and the card market. Total scores were SO's 158 to my 93.

Friday 1st
Lost Ruins of Arnak - 1 play @ 3 players
E came over for dinner and games, so we finally got to try out Arnak, which E had given me as a gift back in July!

I think we initially misinterpreted how the resource cards worked, we simply presented them as part of some payment rather than taking the specific resource to our side of the table, but we corrected this in round four.

I started off by focusing on research and getting rid of my fear cards, trying to slim down my deck, while SO went to discover new sites and E spent money on new cards. Being focused on research, I was the first to get an assistant, getting the other one and getting both upgrades. These were both a great help during the rounds which I had them.

Scores were tallied to 75-44-43 (Me-SO-E). The primary way to score points seem to be by research, with finding new sites and using idols as a complement when it's hard to get the necessary resources to move forward. I don't know how I feel about the implementations of mechanics in the game, but it was a fun experience none the less!

Monty Python Fluxx - 1 play @ 3 players
We wanted a quick session of something to end the night. Since we (me and SO) are used to playing the Marvel version we haven't really encountered creepers before. I greatly enjoyed the ability to throw them around by having Excalibur in play, as well as using the catapult to destroy both E's and SO's keepers whenever one of them had a keeper related to the current goal.

Instead of taking the estimated 15-20 minutes of play we managed to prolong the game to almost an hour, with me coming out victorious!

Summary and thoughts
The new table is an amazing fit for the space we're occupying. Its ends are foldable and the entire thing is made of oak, apparently imported from England. It even came with six chairs, for whenever we feel like hosting even more people!.

We've got another gamenight planned Monday the 4th, with the explicit plan to play Spirit Island. Apparently I'm in charge of beer and games, which sounds exactly like what I want to do.

The weekend has been hectic, with the Swedish regulations on restaurants now being removed that's probably to be expected. Moving forward, I believe that I'll be focusing even more on working during the weekends. Unless, of course, I manage to plan ahead with a proper gameday.
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