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Reports, thoughts and uploads of gaming-sessions I've been part of. I aim to post at the start of every week, but sometimes life comes in the way.
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Week 40

Oliver Jensson
Stockholm County
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Week 40 Report
Monday 4th
Inis - 1 play @ 4 players
We'd planned to have a game night at S's place, along with their partner J, during which we'd play Spirit Island. Inis was brought along as a shorter game to end the evening with. Since the host, S, felt like starting with the quicker game, we started by playing Inis instead.

We almost managed to stick to the one hour mark, but the other players got distracted when I was about to win and play continued for another two hours. J focused hard on deeds from early on and didn't really mind almost being wiped off of the board. S mostly did random things that was found fun and interesting, being the instigator in most of the clashes taking place during the game. SO sat as Brenn for the entire game and made themselves hard to reach through strategic choices of exploration. I focused on the drafting but almost never felt that I got the cards I needed for a given turn.

Regardless, J managed to stock up with four deeds and had one clan in each of two areas when we reached the end of the season phase at the three hour mark, claiming the throne!

Tuesday 5th
Calico - 1 play @ 4 players
My and SO's gift to my younger sibling S, which was given over dinner along with my mother A. After dinner I skimmed through the rulebook enough to set up the suggested game for beginners and off we went!

I felt really good about my first few moves, but realised ~30% through the game that I'd goofed the design goal I had in mind, despite continually drafting to accomplish it. This was a real bummer for me and threw most of my game, as I had a hard time focusing on how to expand from it.

I found it hard keeping track of what the general gameplan for the other players were, especially since we were all new to this game.

After tallying the scores we reached the conclusion of 55-47-41-38 (S-SO-Me-A). S seemed pleased with the gift and really enjoyed the theme, winning certainly seemed to make it an even better experience! I think this is the first time S has won over me in any game we've played since their birth, so that's certainly something! It was a really good recommendation from my FLGS, Dragonslair.

Saturday 9th
Brass: Birmingham - 1 play @ 2 players
We decided to have a "quick" game, since I somehow had the evening off from working in the bar on a Saturday night. All in all, it went pretty quick at 1:40, but still not as quick as expected. It may have been due to that we opened a bottle of Caractère Rouge which hadn't really gotten to age properly yet, but it was a nice session nonetheless!

Starting off, I wanted to focus on Potteries, but didn't really get any luck when it came to my cards for the session. Instead I elected to go for my standardised pattern of developing, Beer and Cotton, while SO flooded the market and placed boxes.

Towards the end of the canal era I managed to build the first pottery and contrived a plan to get it sold, but SO managed to block my chances of reaching the merchant accepting it (the merchant was based in Shrewsbury and SO placed links on both the other connections from Coalbrookdale after I made certain that I never got any cards for the city). This was such a good move on their part, and was sloppy of me to not see, as it costed me the entire investment without any return whatsoever since it was removed between eras.

During the Railway Era I pivoted into a heavier focus on increasing my income, potteries and links, while SO went hard for income and resources, only building a few boxes. SO had a turn where they built a brewery and then lacked the money to also build a double rail, upon which I gave the suggestion to build a coal mine "to lessen the cost of your future links". I believe that when SO chose to follow the suggestion was were the advantage shifted in my favour. In the last few turns I managed to build and sell the last potteries and a level IV Cotton Mill by stealing almost all of SO's beer whenever it was built.

The scores showed a tight game and were tallied to 177-172 (Me-SO).

Summary and thoughts
I'm terribly tempted to get the old version of Brass: Lancashire, simply because I think that Birmingham is my favourite game right now and that I've only heard good things about the original version. It'll be on the list of games to acquire, but I'm not perfectly certain that it's a good idea since the new graphics seem more inviting and readable.

Not much planned for next week as we're heading off on a cruise next Sunday and want to focus on that, but we should be able to catch a few games before the weekend!

I've come to realise that I write much more in-depth regarding sessions where I won. I'm not sure if it's my subconscious filtering out details from sessions where I lost, but it feels odd to me.

After talking with J, from the Monday session, about games in general I've been invited to play Frosthaven as soon as it's in their possession. I've never touched Gloomhaven so I'm really looking forward to the opportunity! Also, we talked a bit about Magic: The Gathering and came to the conclusion that I should totally build a cube, J even sponsored me with some cards, so that's a new project to tackle when I have funds and time available!
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