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Reports, thoughts and uploads of gaming-sessions I've been part of. I aim to post at the start of every week, but sometimes life comes in the way.
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Week 41

Oliver Jensson
Stockholm County
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Sunday 17th
Carcassonne - 1 play @ 2 players
One game before heading to the cruise-terminal, featuring the first and second expansions. We used the drinking rules we developed a year back: Drincassonne! The rules are that whenever you place a meeple or finish an element of the game you drink in various quantities:

Place a... - Do...
* Highwayman - 1 sip
* Knight - 2 sips
* Farmer - 1 shot
* Monk - Praise the Lord in an extravagant fashion or sip some wine
* Bishop - 3 sips (take 3 more if you bail it out early)
* Builder - 2 sips (+2 extra every time you draw an extra tile from it)

Finish a... - Do...
* Road - Assign X sips to someone where X is the number of tiles in the road
* City - Everybody toasts (along with the fact that you always drink after toasting)
* Monastery - Everyone with adjacent meeples toasts

* Anyone scores >30 points from a single tile they're to take a shot from clearly being too good.
* A player makes their way around the scoring track all others toast to celebrate their progress.

The rules need some refinement, but are as it stands right now not too complicated. Players get tipsy rather than hammered (as happened in our previous version...), which is a plus since it allows for more Carcassonne!

Anyway, for the game! SO started off building cities and trying to establish an engine with the builder, while I happily finished the cities and gave away points to stop the advantage from being realised. Having goods from Traders felt as if they mitigated it somewhat. I made heavy use of my bishop and focused on roadbuilding, while also managing to place a farmer. SO didn't stop me from using the builder, like I did, which enabled me like crazy.

The advantage I got from making use of my builder and getting a majority in 2/3 of the types of goods, despite giving those points to SO from cities, made the scores tally up to 208-205 (me-SO).

Summary and thoughts
Only the one game played last week, we didn't really find that much time to play games between our exams and the cruise coming up. I've also really delved into the Discworld novels over the last couple of weeks, often choosing reading over eating or sleeping. It doesn't feel healthy in the long run, but it's been so long since I've really stuck to a series and actually felt comfortable with doing some reading.

My Magic group has recently been resurrected and I got the opportunity to play some Legacy during Thursday! We'll probably keep up doing small tournaments every Thursday moving forward, and we'll see how it all turns out. Hopefully I'll be able to attend most of them. I'll start involving them in these weekly write-ups when I feel that I have a better idea of how to present what happened, rather than simply being matchups and scores. Since I haven't really played since the spring of 2019 I'm feeling rusty and kind of unable to properly judge my plays. Hopefully I'll also soon feel comfortable with posting some sweet pictures of the deck and how it has come together, but then probably on some other platform (probably reddit).
Anyway, I'm also coming along with the cube I designed (https://cubecobra.com/cube/overview/qhx) and have managed to, at the very least mentally, make some sort of milestone chart with goals.
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