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RPG Spotlight #5: Dungeon Crawl Classics

From gallery of Farydia

You might have noticed this new thing that sometimes invades the front page posts: The RPG Spotlight Event. The aim of the event is to increase activity on the site - and of course to provide some fun activities for anyone participating. Every three weeks, a new RPG from the database will be chosen to step into the spotlight.

The Spotlight is currently on Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. The event is aimed explicitly both at people already playing DCC and folks who are just curious and want to learn more about a game they currently know little or nothing about.

This time, the frequency of new posts is a little lower than for the first events, so there will be new threads all across the three weeks (but not one every day). This was a suggestion after the last event, so lemme know what you think about this change!

What's going on right now?

The following is an overview of the threads created for the current RPG Spotlight - so check them out and see if something catches your interest:

The best place to dive into the currently running event is to wave hello in the Introduction Thread. This is always present in every Spotlight, but still nice to see new and returning faces every time.

The only thing you know about the game is the publisher's blurb and now you have some burning questions to follow up? The Newbie Thread will have you covered. With any luck, your question may have already come up, so how about posting a follow-up? If you are familiar with the game - help along those Newbies by answering their questions!

There are loads of different adventure modules out there - so here is a good spot to get or offer some recommendations for cool stuff to play.

No spotlight would be complete without some love for solo RPG playing! Here you can share your best practices in playing a solo DCC game. Or get inspiration if you want to try it out at some point.

Have already had your fair share of experiences and led countless adventurers to their early demise? Celebrate their memory by talking about they lived (and possibly died).

Last but not least, there should also be some fun gaming going on, right? Just up today, you can join the Tavern Game for some gonzo adventuring of your own making!

What's up on the Horizon?

How do you get notified about new threads in the event? There is of course the possibility to subscribe to the RPG in question, but you can also check the front page for new forum posts: Posts created for these events are always headlined with [RPG Spotlight], so you'll be able to find them easily when browsing the 'geek.

If you want to contribute more to the event - just post your own questions, ideas or Tavern Game! There is a cross promotion with the 2021 Annual Geek Review Challenge - so write some reviews for extra points over there.

You can also subscribe to the RPG Spotlight Event Tracker or watch this News Channel!

Of course, the next event is already on the horizon, so vote for the next game to enjoy the spotlight here:

Poll: RPG Spotlight Event #6: Choose your game!
Which of those games shall feature in Spotlight #6?
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Dragon AGE
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50.0 percent
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Vampire: The Masquerade
22.2 percent
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Voters 36
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