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Rangers of Shadowdeep - Mission 2: scenario 3

Ville E
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Fighting through the lower levels, our beaten and battered group reaches the top of the tower, aptly named Tor Varden Upper Level. There was indeed a life to save and no time to waste! Kill 'em all!

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
The table. Thich walls represent the tower, the outer walls represent the railing around it. The wooden part of the table (the actual table) is approximately the walkway around the tower. There are lowered spots on the inner wall, which we counted as windows (as not to make the archers just beeline inside.

Emerging from under the bookshelf stairs, our heroes are ready for a fight! Lilac is still climbing up behind (hence she's on the wall as a reserve). Everyone else is either knocked unconcious or tending the wounded (that would be 2 dogs, a barbarian and a man-at-arms). Our heroes are luckily unscathed.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"Just a second! Heroic pose. Aaaand.... good, action!"

Zahar advanced first, as she is bound to do (by the rules) and conjured a fireball. The demon, being used to fire warmed her hands in the flames while the undead knight, learning that he was afraid of fire was burned pretty nicely! Hiro and Raganhar advanced to cover their friend.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Raganhar ran huffing and puffing once again how he didn't realize being a Ranger was all about running.

With an unnatural scream the undead and demon advanced. A ball of whirling melee was quickly formed with neither side getting the advantage. Lilac snuck up the stairs, trying to figure out what was going on. At the same time a sickening glow filled the tower.. Evil sorcery at work! Only Hiro was succumbed to the poisonous incantation.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Everybody, let's make a pile!

The melee continued for a while (I think 2 turns or so) before the knight was finally struck down. Hiro was poisoned and beaten (and healed and beaten again), being all but out of the fight.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
Why. Won't. You. DIE?!

Finally Hiro summoned enough strenght to drive his magical sword through the skull of the undead horror. Zahar yelled they were fine and instructed Raganhar to move his stubby legs to go for the archers. They all knew that it could take a looooong time for him to reach anywhere. Lilac drove an arrow though the shoulder of a beastman, who promtly fell from over the railing to his death. Yay!

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"It's not that I have short legs, my boots are made of lead!"

Finally reaching the farthest archer, Raganhar was glad he found an enemy which didn't actually make him feel like a farmer. He was doubting if his axe was broken, but the beastman's split skull proved it still worked. At least a little.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
2 down, 2 to go.

After that it was only mopping up the 2 archers. Lilac took down one, the other was shot down by Hiro and Zahar. Raganhar spent the rest of the game running at the outer edge of the tower, hoping for either for the foes to be killed or falling from the tower so he can stop running. With the last beastman dying, the prisoner was saved and the tower secured.

From gallery of CthulhuStoleXmas
"I'll just bravely stand behind you for a while...". The last enemy had quite the camouflage, but still was found and killed.

Evil portents where to be seen though. The distant towers of Tor Dargos and Tor Hammel had succumbed to evil. "I guess there's more running to come..."


I have mixed feelings about the scenario. I liked the timed events (roll x test or y happens). The time pressure was also nice (not that it mattered to us). The opposition was... odd? Once the knight was down, it was a cakewalk. But it was so resilient! I guess it's hard to write reinforcements to arrive in the tower. But there could have been some evil bats or birds or something. I kinda missed the cards which were not used in this one. The idea was nice, the events were nice but all in all it didn't quite mesh together in a way that felt like a proper ending to the big quest to get into the tower. I guess it was a balance issue, since things could go pretty bad in the previous scenario and you might have to juke the knight quite a bit.

I liked how our tower worked. It made the archers move a bit (being able to block LoS), but they didn't venture inside easily. They had good enough chance to get LoS if it wasn't broken on purpose.

-edit- Finally 2+ months later tagged the game here, oops!
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