The Solo Interviews: Celebrating the 2021 Solitaire Print and Play Contest

Welcome to the Solo Interviews, providing a platform for the designers, artists, YouTubers, and creatives of BGG’s 2021 Solitaire Print and Play Contest. We’ll dive into their gaming interests, their new games, and lessons learnt from designing games.
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Interview with Jinhee Han, designer of Dieson Crusoe

Today’s interview is with Jinhee Han, whose entry Dieson Crusoe maroons you on a dangerous island – can you use your dice to escape the island? Enjoy the interview, and please head over to their WIP thread to check out the game and show them some love.

Could you talk about your gaming history? How did you get into board games?
I first encountered board games when I was a child. But the real start of my board game life was six years ago. I found people to play with me from the Korea board game community, wrote game reviews on my blog, and now I'm on YouTube.

A friend who's never played board games before asks you for advice on what to play. What starter games do you suggest to help them love the hobby?
If you want to have fun with many people (more than 5), Mahe, Las Vegas, Show Manager and Codenames. If few people (3~4), The Mind, The River, and Abracada...What?

How did you start designing games?
Having experienced hundreds of games for 6 years, I wanted to make a game with elements that I liked. But it was only at the idea level and one or two prototypes. In order to continue making the game, I now meet regularly with my friends (Heewon Kang) to discuss and test about our games.

Tell us about your game: why should we play it? What makes it interesting?
If you like the Robinson Crusoe theme, if you like strategic dice games, try to overcome the difficult situations this game has to offer.

Pick a theme or mechanic that's crucial to your game. What made you want to design a game with this in it?
The dice rondel system is the heart of my game. It started with the idea that the value of the dice determines the effect as well as the type of action.

I didn't want a game that was decided by luck. So I made a game that gives you options to overcome luck. You have to be very careful in the order in which you use 3 dice. Not only does the dice determine the action, but it also determines the environment (weather and raid) of the next round.

You have to catch both bunnies: achieving long-term goals and surviving today. You will not survive if you think only about efficiency, you will not survive, and if you think only of your survival today, you will not win.

What have you found most challenging when designing this game?
Writing the rules was the most difficult. Setting the rules of a game is very different from writing them down in a document that others can read and understand.

Other than your own, which game in this year’s contest is most interesting to you, and why?
I haven't played many games, but my favorite game is Old Town Road. Beautiful illustrations, simple components, and quick settings. I enjoyed thinking about which cards should be used in what order.

Ask a question for another designer of your choice in this contest. We'll try to get that designer to reply in the comments

To the designer who create 'Old Town Road'. How did you build your early prototypes? What ideas did you test with your first prototype?
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