Weekly session-reports

Reports, thoughts and uploads of gaming-sessions I've been part of. I aim to post at the start of every week, but sometimes life comes in the way.
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Week 42

Oliver Jensson
Stockholm County
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Monday 18th
Marvel Fluxx - 1 play @ 2 players
Morning session whilst on a cruise. Our lunch Buffé wasn't until 3pm, so we had plenty of time available.

During the early game I only drew, and thus played, keepers, while SO mostly drew goals and some action cards. Somewhere along, I drew "Get on with it" and started using it almost every turn to find a goal which let me win. During my cycling of cards SO played rules for play # and draw #, further delving us both into the arms race.

Eventually SO managed to draw a goal fitting the keepers they had in play and claimed the victory!

Friday 22nd
Lost Ruins of Arnak - 1 play @ 2 players
Second session of Arnak, this time only with SO. I took some inspiration from the comments I got from last time I posted about this game and went for a discovery/"monster hunter" strategy, only delving into research for the purpose of gaining assistants (who doesn't like free resources).

I discovered new sites every turn, tier two sites enabled early by a chronometer acquired in the first round. SO went heavy on the research track and beat me to every single goal.

Halfway through the game, we realised that both of us, but primarily me, had cheated by not paying the cost to visit previously discovered sites. As soon as we realised this we applied the rule properly, but the advantage I attained from not following that rule probably gave me an edge in the game.

Last round of the game I was running low on resources and tried a double discover, which utterly failed as I could've beaten the first guardian had I not put the rest of my exploration tokens into the second discover, netting me two new fear cards. Since I had no chance of beating the guardians I put all my remaining resources towards research and items, collecting all points I had available to me.

Tallying the scores at 69-65 (Me-SO) showed that the missed rule had indeed given me an edge. Big thanks to steve for the initial thoughts and linking the reading material!

Summary and thoughts
I actually brought a number of games to the cruise we went on, but didn't really find an opportunity to play them other than the singular morning game. It was really fun just meeting all the people I haven't seen ever since covid came to Sweden though, so it was totally worth not playing games.

Me, B and Z have a gameday planned on the 13th of November, this time at my and SO's place. We'll have to see if anyone else makes their way here for it, I'm looking forward to it regardless.

We've started playing Kingdom Hearts again! Picking up the journey from where we stopped playing Birth by Sleep, and hopefully making it through to KH3 eventually.
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