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Life and Games (but mostly games) from Tony Boydell: Father, Grandfather, Husband and Independent UK Game Designer.
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The men of The Gilded Age (or should that be 'The Ill-Did Gauge'?!)

Anthony Boydell
United Kingdom
Newent. Glos
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Every homo sapiens needs an outbuilding within the curtelage of their property
Welcome...to my Shed!
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Being the half-term holiday meant that the Wednesday gamers were the only folks milling around The Shambles Retail Village on a blustery, cold October evening: no rumbling 4x4s across the potholed car park, no pleas to unlock the gates and/or curious heads popping around the now-shut-to-keep-the-warmth-in door. No, indeed; just four gamers playing at railways and we wouldn't have had it any other way:
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Railways of the World gloriously hogged the whole of the table and the simple rules had us stood up (apart from Dave) for much of the evening: chin-stroking, hex counting, link building, cash exchanging, share issuing, goal fulfilling, card reviewing and cube delivering to within an inch of our Tycoon lives!
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There is much that is familiar in RT:TBG - it's core mechanisms will be familiar across a large family of pick-up-and-deliver gamer:
An auction determines Start player for the round, then
Players take three actions, one at a time around the table, then
Income is earned and dividends paid for fund-raising shares issued.

A player's action can be to lay track (costed accorded to terrain), upgrade your train to give it better delivery range, take one of the special bonus cards, 'urbanize' a colourless city so that cubes can be delivered to it, deliver a goods cube OR complete a 'Western Link' (expensive, mid-game action of which there can be only two instances).
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Round and round you go, briskly and with a definite air of tension and excitement, watching the trains and lines stretch across the landscape: classic network-building fayre that had Dave and Gerv and Paul purring with delight for much of the two-and-a-half hours playing time. Dave was left to the North-East (something the rulebook warns specifically against and I mentioned during the 'teach') but couldn't quite shake the Tony/Gerv team - in the middle - shipping in and out of Chicago like bastards (Gerv also leapt forward courtesy of a Kansas City Western Link) and boosting eachothers income accordingly while Paul spread across the South with a highly-efficient two issued shares only portfolio. In the end, as we all clustered near the top of the score track, it was my access to bigger trains ahead of the others that kept me in the running (big deliveries = big leaps to catch up with Dave) and my Tycoon gave me the two points to sneak ahead of Dave at the last!

Of course, when were all done and the scores finalised, there was an essential pause for us all to take pictures of the final layout; the whole, magnificent experience needed to be captured for posterity (and for boring friends and partners with later):
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Not quite ready to set off into the wild night, I'd packed Salvage again with the hope we could close with its trick-taking horrors:
From gallery of tonyboydell

Paul was having a bit of a 'Tony Evening' (see last Wednesday and the Wednesday before it) and came a massive, flaming cropper in the first Hand to send him right down the score track. A judiciously-timed, deliberate detonation from myself (drafting the last of the barrels to penalise everyone and reset the round) kept me the necessary few points ahead until we could offload all of the pain onto Paul...again!

We should be at least five next week so, in the true spirit of a good board games club (modelled after the high watermark that is The Ross-on-Wye Board Gamers), we've mooted The Princes of Florence: something previously unknown to Paul and his son, Tom:
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