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Euphrates & Tigris Card Game

sean johnson
United States
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We traded for this game back in March. I know that Tigris and Euphrates is considered by many to be Reiner Knizia's masterpiece. Several of the comments for this game say it is a lighter version of the board game. Since I know the board game version has a reputation of being a heavier game, a lighter version sounded like it might be something we could like. So did this turn out to be a good game for us or not?

Game Overview
In this game players will be collecting cards that theoretically represent various aspects of Mesopotamian cultures. Players have tokens that represent each color, and each color is corresponding with a card type. Each player There are nine "kingdoms" (columns of cards) that players can play cards to. On a player's turn they can do two actions of three possible options. A player can take one of their discs and place it on any card in any column. The other action a player can do is add cards to the columns. If the card they add is the same color as a disc they already have in the at column, then they can take another card of the same color and add it to their point pile.

The columns will eventually get merged into kingdoms, and there may be conflict that happens. Conflicts occur when two players have the token of the same color in the same kingdom. To resolve a conflict players will play cards of a certain color from their hand. The type of conflict determines the type of card, and combat is a way to get a lot of cards.

The game ends when all of the cards have been dealt out, and then players count how many they have of each type of card. However, only the type they have the least of counts as their final score.

The Game We Played
By playing so many cards of a certain type in a row it is possible to get a ship which ensures a player can get a point from that type of card every turn. Early on, I got the green ship while my wife got the red and black ships. I combined two kingdoms, and tried to attack to get red cards in my pile. However, my wife beat me. Later on I did attack to get several blue cards and green cards. My wife struggled to get green cards the entire game. In the end, she only got four green cards, and I had 7 Red cards which was my least amount. So I won 7 to 4.

Our Thoughts
My Rating: 2 (do not care for)
My Thoughts This game is extremely abstract. I do not think I have described a game as dry before, but that fits this game well. I know the original board game is abstract, but I think the extra abstraction of cards is a little to much. I really did not find it very fun at all.

Her Rating: 1 (do not want to play again)
Her Thoughts: I had a hard time figuring this game out, but I am fairly sure I did not like it. The game was just so boring to play.

Combined Rating: 3
We really disliked this game, and we do not want to play it again. I also do not think we have much desire to play Tigris and Euphrates either.
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