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Trying to get Pataliputra underway, looking for input

Ryan Powers
United States
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OK. I need your help.

Chandragupta is already giving me lots to think about, which I'm liking. I have Pataliputra setup on my table as the first scenario and have had my rules questions about Tribal/Guild selection answered (though I had already decided to just setup this one and worry about that later) and my Dharmayuddha question deferred since it's not an optional rule in this scenario, and the hidden information part is public knowledge form the start.

With the rules issues sorted out, I'm starting to look at the setup and formulate some plans. The mechanics may be very GBoAlexander, but it's clear right off the bat that the gameplay/strategies will not be, particularly with the Dharamyuddha rule in play.

First off, everyone needs to see some images so we all can be on the same page.

Here's what the battle looks like setup (not mine, this image was already there):


And if that's hard to differentiate the units, particularity on the Mauryan (top) side, here's the setup image from the book (note the comments I've attached to the image though as the image has some errors):

Now that we've shown the setups let's talk restrictions. In this scenario both sides pledge to follow the restrictions of Dharmayuddha. The first side to break these restrictions suffers a hit to the rout point total needed for their side to rout. The Mauryans go form 60 to 50, the Nandas from 90 to 70. Being the second side to violate the restrictions carries no penalty.

Here are the restrictions in a nutshell:

A) Shock and missile attacks may only be through an enemies frontal hexsides
B) Orderly withdrawal is not allowed, except horses getting away from
C) Shock combat can only be initiated against equal or greater unit
types in the following list (but attacked units may return the favor
against their attackers):
1) EL
2) Cav
3) CH
4) MI
5) LI (LI in CH/LI or EL/LI lines count as CH or LI)

So Light Infantry can attack anyone it wishes in shock (as long as
it's frontally, while elephants can only attack other elephant
(again, as long as it's frontally).

Tribal units are exempt from Dharmayuddha restrictions. These would be the tan units at the both ends of the Mauryan line and the cavalry at the far rear of the Nanda setup.

Additionally the Nanda reserves (everything from the second line of CatEL back) cannot activate unless a Mauryan unit gets within three hexes and in LOS or the Nandas reach 60RP.

There are the ground rules. Now let's look at applying them.

-The Elephants on the Mauryan flank cannot shock attack the cavalry opposing them on the Nanda flank though they can fire as long as it's through the front of the cavalry.

-Similarly, the cavalry on the Nanda flank cannot maneuver around the elephants to attack from the rear/flank. Since they are javelin armed, and cannot enter the front hexes of elephants they also cannot shock or missile attack from the front (including H&D).

- The left and right wings of the Nanda army are CH/LI combos. Which means they count as CH. This means they can't shock attack the infantry directly across from themselves. The reverse is not true, the Mauryan LI can shock attack the CH/LI in the corresponding Nanda wings

- Looking at the centers, the Nanda CatEL cannot attack the Chariots directly opposite them, but can be attacked as long as the chariots are willing to charge the front of armored elephants...

Now, how do we work within this framework?

I'm really not sure. It seems like the goal is going to be to try to force the other side to have to break the rules and then do so yourself with abandon. But how to do that?

EDIT: Fixed the line wraps. Sorry about that.
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