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Reports, thoughts and uploads of gaming-sessions I've been part of. I aim to post at the start of every week, but sometimes life comes in the way.
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Week 45

Oliver Jensson
Stockholm County
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Saturday 13th
Inis - 1 plays @ 3 players
Today's first session while waiting for our fourth participant. Played at our place with me, SO and B.

B got an early engine going using the Bard along with the advantage cards from both the Forest (get another epic tale after playing one) and Stone Circles (remove one clan to reclaim a used epic tale), protecting the advantage by throwing Festivals wherever me and SO felt we could go. In hindsight we should've seized the opportunity to disrupt the engine regardless of penalties to us.

I fought against SO for dominance over the capital for the better part of the game. SO, leading the game as Brenn for the majority of the game, ensured that all areas explored were away from the capital unless SO was the one exploring, ensuring their dominance of the homeland territory.

B quickly realised the advantage of having a massive hand, along with passing to starve us of cards. Eventually B took this to their full advantage and found a window to, with two deeds in pocket, claim victory after SO and I squabbled for control over other clans.

Disney Villainous - 1 plays @ 4 players
First game post-dinner, alongside the expansion Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core. The game featured me as Captain Hook, Iva as Jafar, B as the Evil Queen and SO as Maleficent.

After a slog of a game I managed to play two copies of Aye Aye Sir and man the cannon to defeat Peter Pan at 13 power.

Ticket to Ride: Europe - 1 plays @ 4 players
We decided to play the India map from Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 2 – India & Switzerland as all of us but Iva has previous experience of the game and wanted to try something new.

The game went really weird, I kept all tickets from setup and spent the first ten turns of the game claiming carts while the other players almost locked me out of the contention for one of my destinations.

Iva tried hard to make a loop around the entire board, but was shut off by cooperation from the other players. During the very last turn Iva took new tickets but couldn't fulfill a single one of them, tallying the scores placed us as me-Iva-B-SO (122-113-110-98).

Marvel Fluxx - 3 plays @ 4 players
We elected to end the evening with some Fluxx.

All sessions were grindy. B won the first game off of topdecking the goal which matched keepers in play, I won the second by stealing the required keeper with Loki and B won the third through Iva playing the "play all but one" and drawing through most of the deck.

Summary and thoughts
I've looked forward to the gameday for almost a month and it feels really bad that I'm not satisfied with how it turned out. I really wanted to play more games, preferably ones with more crunch to them. Next time I play something with two other players I'd love for it to be Brass Birmingham, I've been longing to play it with people for almost a month but the players available didn't really feel like it. I probably should look outside of my current gaming circle to try and see if someone wants to play it with me.

The last game of Fluxx became my 500th logged play. I'd have preferred playing High Society over it for a milestone like that, but as my SO doesn't want to play games with auction elements that wasn't really on the table. It feels nice that I, in my then quite tipsy state, prioritised playing with my SO over playing one of my favourite games. I'd for sure have liked it to be Brass, but as it didn't seem reasonable to start playing 10h before starting my next shift we elected to skip it. It also felt quite nice to not win in a game that made a milestone like that, but simply enjoy the game that was played.

I feel that we don't play enough boardgames right now. Me and SO have chosen to prioritise making our way through the rest of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and cosying up in the sofa in front of the television (still a foreign concept to us as we were living with another person a couple of months ago).

It kind of sucks being this late with this post, but I simply haven't had the opportunity to write it all up before being swallowed by work. I'll try to be more effective about it moving forward, but will possibly just elect not to post if I haven't played any games.
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