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I am an historical archaeologist and a linguist by training and am currently employed in retail. Gaming keeps me sane. This blog (my first) will be a place to chronicle my escapades (in gaming, in writing, and in life). Welcome! Pull up a chair , grab a cup of coffee, and feel free to stay awhile. Cheers, Rachel/Herald Selenay
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Introduction: Gaming and Me

United States
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and historical archaeologist
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A bit more about me:

I love coffee (death before decaf!!!). My favorite colors are purple, navy, green, and teal. Silver trumps gold. I love the Heralds of Valdemar (hence my username), the Westmark Trilogy, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Animorphs, The Reckoners, anything by Terry Pratchett, Warehouse 13, all the Stargates, and Babylon 5. Flashpoint and Criminal Minds are bingeworthy crime dramas. I’m a former fencer (épée). I used to like stargazing (but now live where light pollution precludes it). I’m an avid reader. I like country music. My favorite comics are Dork Tower, Nodwick, and Retail. I’m a loyal follower of Retail Robin and enjoy sifting through retail memes on my break and cackling at the true absurdity of it all. I like cooking and especially baking. Dark chocolate trumps milk chocolate. Caramel can cover up anything. Pumpkin rolls should be handmade, and the filling should be cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar not just straight cream cheese. And sprinkles solve lots of problems. I’m a bit crafty- crochet, braided metal, and beady critters. Favorite Herald: Alberich. Favorite Animorph: Jake. Favorite MLP FiM character: AppleJack (though I admit to being a combination of her and Twilight Sparkle). Favorite SG1 member: Daniel Jackson. Favorite Babylon 5 character: Marcus Cole, though I would totally be Delenn. Favorite animal- Otter, river or sea. Dragons trump unicorns, though unicorns are awesome. I think that TeeTurtle is hilarious, and I finally bought some of their tshirts this year: reading is magic is too cute. I’m like Dobby the house elf in that I like socks. This could also be a long-lasting side effect of my fencing days as socks were really the only legal way to customize one’s uniform (outside of a team patch). Least favorite household chore: Dishes. Favorite household chore: Laundry (Clean sheets for the win!).

A bit more about my gaming preferences:

In high school and undergrad, the Ticket to Ride series, Survive! Escape from Atlantis, Maginor, Guillotine, Once Upon a Time, all the Fluxxes and anything with pirates were always welcome at game nights with family and friends. However, at present, I have no regular gaming group. Thus, I have morphed into a mostly solo gamer. Two player games occasionally get table time, whenever my Mom gets to visit. But... it's mostly just me and thus the bulk of my plays are either solo or online (BGA or Ascension via Steam).

Favorite mechanics include deck-building, bag-building, press-your-luck, and tableau-building.

Favorite themes include fantasy, magic, exploration, archaeology, Atlantis, storytelling, and books/libraries.

For my solo favorites, check out: Herald Selenay's 2021 Top 30 Solo List
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