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1830 dilemma

(This is an older post, but I realised that I hadn't posted it here and I'd rather keep everything in one place)

I’m playing a 4-player online game of 1830: Railways & Robber Barons and I faced quite a dilemma. The solution I’ve chosen probably wasn’t the good one

It’s OR3.1 and I’m operating for the first time in the game. My freshly floated B&M has $820 in its treasury. I own P2 and P5, bought for $45 and $250, respectively. There is one 4T left in the bank. I have to buy it* and the next company to act will certainly buy a 5T.

From gallery of Galatolol

Here’s the problem: I can either buy a cheap permanent train (5T) or both my privates for $400. This is a difficult problem since two unwritten rules of 1830 (and similar games) can’t be both observed:

— the purpose of privates is to get sold for twice the face value
— if you can grab a cheap permanent train, you do it

So I’m either left with no money for my privates and with a healthy company or I have additional $400 and a broken company.

After a long hesitation I decided to bough the 5T (before that I extracted $29 for P2…). Almost immediately I started regretting it. In the next SR I would act second, so with that money for privates I would start a nice company. Maybe it could even be possible to engineer a purchase of 2 cheap permanent trains (the new company floats with $1000, buys a 5T for $450, then buys 4T from B&M for ~$500. B&M is then forced to buy a train—hopefully a 6T—and I gladly contribute)… Now I don’t have enough money to start a new company unless I sell a share of B&M that then could be taken over, along with that damned 5T.

That’s the first time I’ve faced that dilemma, so my reaction was far from optimal.

By the way, the P4 got exchanged for a NYC share so the owner could have some value from it ?

*maybe actually I should have bought a 3T from the market, thus blocking the access to 5T to the other company?
EDIT: apparently there shouldn't be 3T in the market on the screenshot (I undid the BM's operations to have an illustration, but forgot about the train in the market).

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