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Deeper dive into the Resurgence solo mode

Martin Gonzalvez
United States
San Jose
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(Pictures of my print and play preview copy.)

TL; DR: the Mutants solo AI in Resurgence is not a BYOS. The AI does not collect resources, ammo or meds. The AI scores VP, reduces your options for Missions and Survivors, features variable difficulty levels, and can defeat you. The AI does not maintain or manage a player compound. On each of six game rounds, the solo AI resolves only the Mutant Leadership step, and the Mutant worker placement/effect resolution step.

Read on for the gory details, if you wish.

A closer look at the solo mode for Resurgence. The Mutants are not a BYOS, they are a true AI player that collects VP, occupies placement spots on the main board, and makes your life tougher as you struggle to survive in post-apocalyptic Russia.

From gallery of DrHenryArmitage

Components: the Mutants solo AI does not use a Player Compound board, Assignment board, nor most player tokens or bag. It needs only three Leadership tokens and one VP marker from a neutral player color, all six Mutant workers, and the Mutant deck from the multiplayer game. In addition, two components are unique to the solo mode: the Mutant Leadership deck, and the Mutant Worker Placement card (double-sided). For the solo game, you will not need the Events deck, which acts as a game timer in the multiplayer game, so return it to the box.

From gallery of DrHenryArmitage

Setup changes: set up the main board and your one player compound according to the multiplayer rules. Place the Mutants’ Leadership tokens on the “5” space of each Leadership track. The Mutants start the solo game ahead of you on the Leadership tracks, and you’re playing catch up! Remove the two blank Mutant cards to the box, then shuffle and place the Mutant deck. Locate and separate the three Mutant Leadership cards with a Hazard symbol in the upper right, shuffle the remaining Mutant Leadership cards, place face down upon the Mutant cards with the Hazard symbol. This forms a Mutant Leadership deck arranged in increasing difficulty as the game progresses. Finally, place the Mutant Worker Placement card/reference table within reach.

From gallery of DrHenryArmitage

Streamlined Solo AI management: the Mutants do not collect resources, ammo or meds. They do collect Missions, but only to score VP and reduce your options for Missions. The Mutants do not have a compound to maintain or manage. On each round, you resolve only the Mutant Leadership step, and the Mutant worker placement/effect resolution step.

Turn sequence: the game plays over six rounds just like the multiplayer version. The six Mutant Leadership cards act as a game timer; once you draw and resolve the last one, that signals the final round of the solo game. To start each turn, flip the top card of the Mutant Leadership deck. This card contains your Leadership target values for this turn, and will resolve whether you need to advance your token or the Mutants’ tokens on the three Leadership tracks, based on how you assign your workers on the Assignment board.

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Once the Leadership step is complete, move on to the Worker placement step. Before you place a worker, draw the top card of the Mutant deck, and place one Mutant worker token in each of the two districts at the Location indicated by the Mutant card. Then, consult the Mutant Worker Placement reference card to resolve the effect of Mutants placing in that location. These effects often involve a tough choice of having your resources stolen by the Mutants, reducing your available choices of Survivors or Missions, and/or the Mutants scoring VP. For example, if the Mutants place workers at Arbat, you must either lose two resources (food, scrap or fuel), or the Mutants score 3VP. If the Mutants place workers in Moscow, then they kill the two rightmost Survivors in the Survivor display, and also earn two VP. You repeat this Mutant worker placement/effect resolution two more times per turn, until all six Mutant workers have been placed. This Mutant Worker Placement reference card determines how Mutants score VP as the game progresses.

From gallery of DrHenryArmitage

At the end of six rounds of play, tally the Mutants VP. The Mutants score VP in a simplified/streamlined manner based on just three elements: their position on each Leadership track, their position on the VP track, and any VP they acquired from Missions stolen away from you during the game.

Adjustable difficulty: Easy mode: Mutants start on the zero space on the VP track. Normal mode: Mutants start on the 10 space on the VP track. Hard mode: Mutants start on the 20 space on the VP track.

I hope you enjoyed this deeper dive into the Mutants Solo AI for Resurgence.
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